Top 10 NHL goalies for 2018-2019

These rankings focus on player success and team success. Lets be real you can be a great goaltender and get nothing from your team, so that may effect their placement.

10. John Gibson

Bottom line, Gibson keeps getting better and his teams not half bad either. His win total has gone up each of his years, with the team he has in front of him don’t expect that to change. Hes lower on this because he doesn’t do anything spectacular, just wins.

9. Matt Murray

The kids young and already has a 2 cups, enough said. Well maybe it isnt, Murray regressed without Flower to back him up or save the day when he got hurt. Murray has also yet to play 50 games, something Tukka Rask has done each of the last 5 seasons. Murray’s good, thats a fact, but he needs to be great on his own. It helps he has a perennial cup contending team in front of him, which puts him in the top 10.

8. Marc- Andre Fleury


The resume speaks for its self, Flower wins. With his most recent run with Vegas proves how valuable he his to an organization. His hype after being drafted #1 overall, faded slightly early in his career but the team just wasn’t any good. Ask Henrik Lundqvist, you need a team in front of you to win a cup, and that’s exactly what he got. Hes widely known as a great teammate, which can be just as valuable as his on ice talent. Vegas looks good again, expect Marc-Andre to continue winning. I also see Malcolm Subban getting more game and developing as the future, but for now its Flowers team.

7. Braden Holtby

What has this guy done lately? Nothing that i can think of. In all seriousness, Holtby over came being benched and won a Stanley Cup. Now with Philipp Grubauer gone, its back to being Holtby’s team. Its worrisome that he was benched in the first round last year, but everyone knows his skill. Now that the Caps have the monkey off their back, there’s no reason to believe they wont contend for the leagues best record. On the other hand a cup hangover could hold him back, the team has to find a new way to get motivated and stay atop the mountain.

6. Tukka Rask

What hasn’t Tukka done, he has already won the Stanley Cup and the Vezina Trophy, two of the NHL’s biggest prizes. Tukka has only one losing season in his career and that was 2010, he only played 29 games. He plays alot of games and wins, and it looks like Boston is bouncing back as a team, which bumps him up on the list.  Also not every goaltender can say he’s inspired his own species of wasp.

5. Connor Hellebuyck

I’ve seen list put Connor in their top 3, lets be realistic, the guys come out of nowhere and only  played 3 years. We really need more years and games to evaluate a player. His experience with team North America combined with the Jets faith to make him the full time started after originally being a 5th round pick, is pretty amazing. But look back at things, its wild how he went unnoticed. He was great at University of Massachusetts-Lowell, leading them to win consecutive Hockey East titles. He proves scouting is no where near a perfected science, and with a solid core in front of him, the wins will continue.

4. Johnathan Quick

After being injured the season before, Quick reminded the NHL why he is great. Johnathan Quick is Los Angles King goaltending, his name is all over the record books and his Stanley Cups make him legendary, the guy just keeps cementing his legacy. His athleticism has been unmatched between the pipes and after a decade in the league he looks as young as ever. The Kings will be good again, his position on this list is dependent on that. When you look at the standard bearers look no further.

3. Sergei Bobrovsky

This guy went undrafted, no joke, google it. An undrafted player winning 2 Vezina trophy’s is a crazy story. Russian goalies have gone unnoticed in the past Evgeni Nabokov and Nikolai Khabibulin were both drafted in the 9th round, others like the number 2 goalie on the list were drafted slightly higher, but that’s for later. Bob has had issues in the playoffs, mostly with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but he has a solid team in front of him and a psychopath coach. The Blue jackets will win games in the regular season with Bob, just how many will they win in the playoffs.

2. Andrei Vasilevskiy

Ok ok I get it, I made the point about Hellebuyck needing more games under his belt. But have you seen Tampa’s roster?! That’s why hes at 2 and Connor at 5, they have similar stats and wins, but the Lighting are cups favorites again. He already has cup experience and it looks for good the former 1st rounder to continue growing.

1. Pekka Rinne

Should I even waste my time explaining this?

Ok I will, Pekka is in his prime and he shows no sign of letting up. He plays for a great team and is likely their most important player. He never won a Vezina, up until 2018, which is also amazing, a runner-up twice, you would think all he really cares about at this point is winning a cup. That’s a lot of motivation, they smelled the cup once, now they want to drink out of it.



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