NFL Power Ranking Week 1

Is it too soon for NFL rankings? Absolutely not, people are making mock draft for 5 years in the future, me doing this ranking is nothing compared to the crazies out there.

32. Buffalo Bills

Bro…Peterman sucks. I feel for the guy, but hes had his chances. I dont want to get political but how does Kaepernick not have job and this guys does? I mean this from a pure football perspective, this also goes for Johnny Manziel. Theres guys out there without NFL jobs who could do astronomically better. I get that he’s just here until Allen is ready but damn. This was a playoff team with Tyrod Taylor, now they are bottom-feeders.

31. Oakland Raiders

Let me be honest, they’re this low because I think it was beyond stupid they traded Mack. This team could also turn it around and make the playoffs. They are so hard to read, but its all on Carr’s shoulders and he proved it might be too much Monday. He falls, they all fall. Plenty of time to turn this around though.

30. Detroit Lions

This team just threw up every red flag possible. Stafford seems like a good guy, but is he really worth all that money? They got blown out by the freakin’ Jets!! Hit the panic button, this should be an interesting season in Detriot.

29. Tennessee Titans

Ok, these guys are not this bad, and they barely lost. Buuutttt they lost Delanie Walker and Taylor Lewan suffered a concussion. Those are big blows, you have to hope Lewan comes back soon cause Mariota needs him. Mariota also seemed to bang up his elbow, luck for them the rest of the division didnt play great either.

28. Arizona Cardinals

This was embarrassing, and they should probably be higher, but they have some extremely talented players and suffered no long term injuries. Bradford needs to tread carefully but also play to win. That’s a tough formula and it could be Rosen’s turn before we know it.

27. Cleveland Browns

The Believeland Browns tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which means they didnt lose. Thats most positive thing to some out of that city in a while. Until the Browns start putting together wins, you have to assume they are still the same old Browns. Prove me wrong Cleveland. Lebron’s gone, Stipe lost his UFC title, and the Cleveland Browns didnt lose their first game, what a wild year so far. Baby steps though, its safe to note that Myles Garrett is a stud, so if the defense does their part this could be a respectable squad.

26. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck only got sacked twice, that’s the biggest news the Colts had. He also didnt play terrible, but the defense may be an issue. They fell apart and should have won. Should have, means nothing in the NFL, its still a lose. This team either realizes they can make small adjustments or they get in their own heads and lose alot of games. The ultimate test for a new head coach and a healthy Andrew Luck.

25. Dallas Cowboys

Hot take!! Dak Prescott isnt really that good, now that his offensive line is banged up, he proved he couldn’t adapt. Unless they get back to form quick, this season will be in the trash, much to most of the leagues delight.

24. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s offensive line is a dumpster fire, and this team will struggle. Remember when Seattle was the leagues team to beat? People are quickly forgetting those times, you gotta feel for Russell who tried to make the most of what he had but it just wasn’t there.

23. New York Giants

Jacksonville should have won by more, they under preformed. I’m giving no credit to New York and by next week they could be alot higher on this list. On the other hand Barkley could live up the hype and blow up. Manning just seems to not care anymore, even with all the talent around him. Really seems like time for him to hang them up.

22. New York Jets

Let the over hyping begin, east coast bias begin. They Jets blew out a bad team, lets wait until they get real competition. Its only realistic teams will figure out Darnold, its just how well he adjust. There’s always surprise playoff teams, but this isnt one of them. Keep it in your pants Jets fans.

21. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins could start the season 3-0, that’s completely realistic (at Jets and vs Raiders), before meeting the Patriots. Lets not throw them in the playoffs, because the won some wild weather delayed game. This could be an average team that steals a few wins from playoff teams, that’s about it.

20. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy G didn’t earn that money week one, that’s for sure. Losing McKinnon may also be a way bigger deal than previously thought. Lets not totally panic, they did play Minnesota who looks unbeatable right now. As the season goes on we will see who the 9ers really are.

19. San Diego Chargers

Rivers, Rivers, Rivers just cant beat KC. This team was hyped to be a sleeper Super Bowl pick. They still could be, but they have to find an idenity. Bosa will be back soon, which will help the pass rush, but the real concern is how didn’t Rivers carve up a weak KC secondary? Dropped passes didnt help but Rivers is looked at by many as a Hall of Famer, he needs to figure it out. They cant keep finishing 9-7 and barely out of the playoffs.

18. Washington Redskins

Welcome Alex Smith, he did exactly what he did in KC. Good news for Washington, that means win. If they string together a few wins early, we have to take them serious, especially if Peterson continues to roll.

17. Denver Broncos

Case Keenum threw 3 interceptions, but also threw 3 tds. If he can manage to not throw interceptions, then that quickly moves Denver to the top right along side KC. They have the skill and if it comes together then this team could be a dark horse contender. The AFC West is tough and they all like to beat each other up, so if they can weather the storm then Denver might surprise people.

16. Chicago Bears

They got beat by Jesus…I mean Aaron Rodgers. This team has tons of potential and a stud defense, even before adding Mack. Cut them a break after this game, lets just see how they rebound. not sealing the game means they have a ways to go, but the future is bright.

15. Cincinnati Bengals

This win is exactly what Cincy needed headed into their next game with the Ravens. When Dalton is on, hes good, and long story short he was on. good showing from the defense and running back Joe Mixon, give the Bengals a lot of positives. They have short week to prepare, so two hot teams colliding should be fun to watch.

14. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons lost, I get it, but by college football standards this is a quality loss against the defending Super bowl champs. Are there things to work on? Yes, obviously, but Atlanta isn’t hitting the panic button. Losing Keanu Neal for the season is a concern and Devonta Freeman being hurt doesn’t help either. Matt Ryan will bounce back, but will Atlanta ever get over that hump, we’ll see its a long season.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitz-Magic!!! Who expected that outcome with Jameis out? The defense was terrible, that’s a cause for concern, but the fact they escaped that shootout in the Big Easy is a blessing. No way they score that much every week so the defense needs to step up, if JPP cant suit up the Bucs will struggle even more to hold opponents. They are ranked this way for now, as long as Fitz can steer the ship until Winston returns.

12. Houston Texans

They played the Patriots on the road, so what do you really expect. Watson looked shaky, but that can be fixed with time. The defense couldn’t get to Brady, that will guaranteed to be fixed, because of their personnel. Houston does not have a problem, they just played a great team.

11. New Orleans Saints

I’m calming down on my thoughts of the Saints being a Super Bowl contender. The Minnesota Miracle, now this slugfest with Bucs, makes you wonder if they’ve just lost their edge. The offense can still ball out, just did the first team defense even show up? Drew Brees has a way of figuring things out, so hopefully him and Sean Payton can rebound.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Nevermind who they played and tied. Big Ben had 4 turnovers and they gave up a 4th quarter lead. The Steelers are in the top 10 because if any team will put this game in the past, its them. Don’t forget that they are still undefeated this year, and James Conner was a beast. They play a tough KC team, who they always seems to have their number. So a big win against KC will make all the yinzers quickly forget about that week one tie with the Browns.

9. Carolina Panthers

Losing Greg Olsen is huge, but Carolina has a lot of positives in their dominant win over Dallas. They played Panther football, gaining almost the same numbers on the ground as they did the air. New Orleans and Atlanta losing was also a nice touch.

8. Green Bay Packers

Sunday night was amazing and added to Aaron Rodgers legend, but Packers fan have to hope that this isn’t a long term injury. Rodgers getting beat up doesnt look good for the offensive line, but he proved if anyone can over come that its him. The season hinders on if he is healthy.

7. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens looked like the best team on the planet, they made the Bills look like a Pop Warner team. One blow out doesn’t define a season, but it helps get it off to a good start. This blowout also brings another point to the surface, is Joe Flacco elite? All will be realized soon enough.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags aren’t the most exciting team in the world, but what they do works. Smash on defense and don’t turn the ball over.¬†Leonard Fournette left with an injury and the running game barely lost a step, but the team has to hope he comes back. Expect alot of these same results from Jacksonville this year.

5. St. Louis Rams

Win now, worry about money later. This will come back to bite the Rams, but they obviously don’t care. Theyre stacked and it showed, the biggest question is can this team gel quick enough to win a championship. They are going to break teams down with their speed, so eventually the Rams will get a rude awakening , until then LA’s new show is a hit. They showed great half time adjustments which is key to any team.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

All any one could talk about was San Diego, so the Chiefs shut them all up…and quickly. Tyreek Hill struck fast and often. His buddy Patrick Mahomes wasn’t afraid to let him work his magic either. Mahomes will eventually have to distribute the ball better, but he didn’t have to Sunday. The defense was shaky and if anyone has followed the Chiefs this off-season, they would have known that was expected. They made plays when they had to, and that’s the biggest take away. This is a new era in KC, its just a matter of Andy Reid getting over that playoff hump. This team will be good in the regular season, just a matter of how good.

3. Minnesota Vikings

This team should be #1, and my reasoning for not having them at spot is that I don’t want to jinx them. Cousins looks to fit extremely well with this team, making them that much better than last year. This is the Vikings year, barring any big injuries. The 2 teams ahead of them were in the Super bowl last year, that’s not bad company to be in. Defense, offense, what cant this team do?

2. New England Patriots

These guys aren’t going anywhere, they had one of the toughest test of any week one team and did exactly what they had to do to win. The evil empire continues its reign of terror and after the Super Bowl lose, they have new motivation. That’s a scary thought, only thing to improve would be the running game, but I’m not telling them that.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

If they keep winning with Foles, until Wentz gets back, then they may be unstoppable. It was sloppy at times, but once again, they’re playing with a back up quarterback. This team knows how to win the big one now, so if they can grind for just a few more weeks, then it will take alot to knock them off their porch. Also losing a few games before Wentz is healthy won’t be the worst thing in the world, but the Eagles are soaring high right now, its wonder who will bring them down.

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