Torts signs 2 year extension & other hockey news this week

The off season has slowed a bit but there are things to talk about none the less.

John Tortorella signs 2 year extension with Columbus

This obviously makes the Blue Jackets favorites for the cup, right? I mean they have the most electric coach in the league and now added 2 more years. Torts is entertaining, that undeniable, but he has a window. That window is for how long it takes him to lose his locker room and they start an uprising against him. The real facts are that hes a good coach but it rubs people the wrong way, he will inevitably piss off the wrong star player and be without a job again. Columbus is a good team, but no coach has been able to garner them any playoff success. He won a Stanley Cup with Tampa…in 2004, he hasn’t done much of anything sense, and that’s with some very talented teams in New York. He has a checkered coaching past and still seems to be riding those coattails, I take back what i said earlier, the Blue Jackets are far from cup favorites, but congrats to Torts for still getting paid.

Max Pacioretty to Vegas

Vegas gave up a few solid pieces, but in return they get a player who can help them get back to the Stanley Cup, no one can say this was a bad deal, unless by some crazy circumstance he falls off the side of the earth and doesn’t produce. Vegas has done everything possible to put a winner on the ice again this year. PLUS, they can still possibly land Karlsson, future is bright in Sin City.

Seguin, Star Close to Extension

Dallas, pay the man, for the love of God! I dont even like Dallas and I cant see why they haven’t done this. Trust me, a lot of peoples favorite teams will gladly take him off your hands. Only thing I can think of is that Tom Gaglardi’s (Stars owner) wife has a crush on Tyler and Tom is jealous. Its also possible I watch too much reality television and I assume that’s the story behind everything. He has the numbers of an elite forward, so pay him as such, boom problem solved.

Yzerman resigns as Lighting GM

Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman stepped down as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lighting, this comes as a shock to the hockey world. He built a masterpiece in Tampa, one that is steps away from a dynasty. Yzerman lives in Detroit Red Wing lore for his on ice contributions, so its only fair to speculate he will come home and continue building his legacy with the team that he helped win 3 Stanley cups with. Should be interesting to watch what moves will be made next.

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