Are We Really Buying Urban Meyers Apology?

When I think of college football, I just think of the corruptions and lies. So obviously I don’t believe a word Urban Meyer said, and why should we? People forget that he’s knew about all of this, he deleted text, and did everything he could to sweep it under the rug. He’s only apologizing because he got caught, Zach Smith was not important enough to risk an entire schools reputation. Not firing a coach for something like this, just doesn’t make sense. Fire the guy, cut ties and move on, why risk your job over some assistant? Urban has questions to answer and the people asking him the questions are throwing him softballs. It seems like the college football world revolves around scandal, but this billion dollar industry just keeps pumping away. The Urban Meyer issue this year just shows how numb everyone is to the issues in college football, if you win, you’re invincible.

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