Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Week 2 proved that evaluating a season based on one game is crazy. So now that we have another weeks of games, lets see where teams have landed.

32. Buffalo Bills

Wow these guys are bad, what else is there to say. The Cardinals are quickly catching up to the worst, but Buffalo remains here because THEY HAD A FREAKIN GUY RETIRE AT HALFTIME!!

31. Arizona Cardinals

I honestly didn’t think they would be this bad. I’m usually against starting rookies right away but how can this get worse. Fitzgerald doesn’t have many years left, let Rosen have a hall of fame target to throw to for as long as possible. David Johnson is also being wasted, that will happen when you have a dumpster fire at quarterback. Nathan Peterman was at the top of my most hated quarterback list, but Sam Bradford is skyrocketing up that list.

30. Detroit Lions

Ummmm How much are they paying Matthew Stafford? Obviously too much, that’s the answer. He didn’t play terrible this week, but its still his fault, because now they cant afford a defense.  They got a new coach for a reason, but Patricia better figure it out quick. At least Arizona and Buffalo can be optimistic because the have young promising quarterbacks, the Lions are in a full spiral with nothing to look forward too.

29. New York Giants

Hey Eli…bro, seriously…retire already man. OBJ and Barkley are being wasted as talents with Eli at the helm.  The offensive line is garbage, i get it, but once again, if they weren’t paying Eli and OBJ so much maybe they could afford someone decent. Do you see the trend here. They are going to blow up for 50 points against someone, eventually, in week 14 or 15, maybe.

28. Oakland Raiders

How many years into Gruden’s massive contract do you think hes going to make it? I say 2, calling it now. Oakland had that game against the Broncos and blew it, that says something about the attitude in the locker room. You have to lock it down and close out a game, that’s why they brought Gruden in wasn’t it?

27. Houston Texans

This team was getting picked for the Super Bowl and Watson was in talks as a dark horse for the MVP. Ok now lets get back to reality, they beat the Titans in every stat, but the finals score. This team could easily win 8 or 9 games if they figure it out, but they just lost to a Mariota-less Titans team, they have to figure some things out.

26. Seattle Seahawks

I thought about putting them at 32, I really did., but in 2015 they started 0-2 and made the playoffs. This team has a knack for turning things around and ill give them a chance to do that. The offensive line is terrible, which is a common factor in these bad teams. Lets also remember that the 2015 team was a good team that started 0-2, just had some things to adjust, I don’t think this is that team.

25. New York Jets

Turnovers…turnovers. Sam Darnold is going to have nightmares of that one word. They outgained Miami, but then instead of points, gave the ball away. That’s going to lose games in the NFL.

24. Cleveland Browns

This team should be 2-0 but that’s how football works. The Browns are cursed, but they show so much potential, eventually they will win a game. Things don’t seems to be looking up with the trade of Josh Gordon, but only time will tell if the Dawg Pound will ever celebrate a victory.

23. Washington Redskins

Washington exposed Arizona for how bad they really are, then got exposed themselves. They didn’t run into a buzz saw, the Colts weren’t that good either, sloppy game won by the team who was a little less sloppy. Just sloppy, think they miss Kirk Cousins?

22. Indianapolis Colts

They won a game, end of analysis. It wasn’t pretty but the defense shut down Washington when it was time, the redzone. Those are good baby steps to be making, learn to hold the lead and win. Next step can be making it look pretty.

21. Tennessee Titans

The Titans got out gained in every aspect, but they won. They also did it with a back up quarterback, so no real reason to complain here. Gabbert was about as average as it could get and didn’t make any mistakes. Should be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum when Mariota comes back.

20. Chicago Bears

This team can be good and surprise people. If Mitchell Trubisky and the offense can find the same sort of consistency and come close to matching the defense’s level of play, then this could be a very dangerous football team. Its more than a fact that the defense is filthy and Mack is worth the money, now they needs to round out the edges.

19. San Francisco 49ers

They won, but its not a great sign going into next week against the Chiefs. The Lions eventually got back in the game and that team sucks. They need to put teams away, I still think this is a playoff team, Garoppolo looked good here and so did the running game. Those two factors will have to continue being consistent for the rest of the year.

18. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are good in the trenches, that’s never a bad problem to have. They just don’t have anyone to throw the ball to. They’re going to lose to the offensive juggernauts but grind out and win a lot of other games, just like this one.

17. New Orleans Saints

How the mighty have fallen, the Saints could be 0-2 right now if Cleveland had a kicker.  This team is good enough to rumble off 8 straight wins, but for now they are 1-1. The defense has to get better and that’s not an over night fix.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers

The final score does not reflect how bad Pittsburgh got beat Sunday. The Chiefs dominated them, they crept into the game late but there wasn’t enough time. A tie with the Browns, now getting slaughtered, neither are good signs for the season. The Steelers would be more entertaining as a reality show at this point.

15. San Diego Chargers

Lets not all get back on the Charger bandwagon, here people. They beat the Bills, that’s it. This team has all the potential in the world, the coming weeks will be the real test, not the Bills.

14. Baltimore Ravens

As it turns out, Baltimore’s Week 1 pounding of the Buffalo Bills may have said a lot more about how bad the Bills are than how good the Ravens are. The final score of Thursday’s game isn’t indicative of just how soundly the Ravens were pounded by the Bengals early on in that game. Once inside linebacker C.J. Mosley left the field with a knee injury, a Baltimore defense that looked dominant against Buffalo had no answer against the Bengals. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco also took a big step backward. Yes, Flacco threw for 376 yards, but he completed less than 60 percent of his passes and turned the ball over three times. In conclusion, this is proof not to over react after 1 damn game.

13. Carolina Panthers

Atlanta and Carolina are an underrated rivalry, they beat the crap out of each other. Carolina had a huge opportunity to put Atlanta in an 0-2 hole, but now they back to even with each other. They will continue to do this for the rest of history, or until Ryan and Newton leave at least. The Falcons were battered and bruised this really should have been a game they won.

12. Atlanta Falcons

See my above rant about Carolina and Atlanta beating each other up. The Falcons over came injury and have bounced back to 1-1. It was a closely fought game by two teams that gained almost identical yardage, but the Falcons made the plays they had to to avoid the dreaded 0-2 hole. These injuries could come back to bite the Falcons or they can use it as motivation.

11. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are undefeated. They may be the worst undefeated team in the league, but is that really the worst thing that could happen? Keenum wasn’t pretty but got the ball in areas they could score, he really needs to cut down the interceptions. Denver is finding away to win and thats all fans can really hope for.

10. Miami Dolphins

Start putting some respect on Miami’s name. They are finding ways to win, thats not too bad. The Dolphins ran for more yards than Ryan Tannehill passed for at the Meadowlands. Miami was outgained by the Jets, 362-257. And yet, thanks in large part to three Jets turnovers, the Dolphins managed to eke out a win. Lets wait to crown them a playoff team until they play the Patriots in a few weeks, but for now enjoy the top 10.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitz-Magic is real and alive in Tampa. All Fitz did was throw for 402 yards and four more scores as the Bucs raced out to a 27-7 lead and then held on for one of the week’s most surprising outcomes—again. The Eagles didn’t play terrible, Tampa just looked really good. I’m very much on the edge of my seat waiting for what is to come.

8. Green Bay Packers

This was 2 elite teams going head to head. Crosby had a chance to win it late, but 52 yard kicks aren’t the easiest things to make. Ties suck, but Green Bay knows they can hang with anyone now. They have possibly had the 2 toughest opening games out of anyone in the league. The only criticism is that they had a lead most of the game and let it go, but then again it was against the Vikings, so its a win-win or lose-lose however you look at it.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

No way this team is for real right? Over the next month, the Bengals play at Carolina and Atlanta before hosting the Dolphins and Steelers. Three of those teams made the playoffs in 2017, and the Bengals have lost their last six match ups with Pittsburgh. The ongoing debate about whether the Bengals are contenders or pretenders is likely going to be settled over that span.

6. New England Patriots

The Pats just got a wake up call….so they traded for Josh Gordon. Time will tell if this brings them back to life, but with how good some of these other AFC teams are playing, Bill & Brady better work up some of that magic.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

They got torched in the air by Fitz-Magic, but is this because Tampa has been so good or the Eagles are all of a sudden bad? Teams lose games, that happens, and Philly lost to a good Tampa team. Foles also played well, but it was too late for any real comeback. People want Wentz back and it looks like that time has come, so we will see if that shifts an attitude in the Eagles locker room. This is a very good team, no one in the league will sleep on them just because of this lose.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

This team is legit, they are extremely talented and dare i say it….Bortles is looking real good. Leonard Fournette is out, so the Jags had to throw and Bortles did not disappoint. They plan and simple kicked New England’s ass, and getting revenge on the AFC title game is just what they needed to hit that next gear. The score does not give justice to how good Jacksonville looked.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Is six touchdowns good? It sounds good. For the second straight game, the Kansas City offense was an absolute juggernaut. Mahomes threw touchdown strikes to five different receivers. Over the first three starts of his NFL career, Mahomes has thrown 10 touchdown passes—an NFL record. As the season goes on the holes in the defense will become more of an issue, should be very interesting how Andy Reid adjust.

2. Minnesota Vikings

Rookie kicker Daniel Carlson had a pair of opportunities in overtime to first give Minnesota a lead and then win the game as the clock hit triple zeros. The not-so-special special teams ruined a phenomenal outing from Cousins, who threw for 425 yards. Spoiled a chance for the Vikings to send a message that they’re the team to beat in the NFC. The Vikes signed the best kicker available, in Dan Bailey, so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

1. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams haven’t played anyone yet, but who they’ve played, they’ve dominated. That’s exactly what a Super Bowl caliber team is supposed to do. They are firing on all cylinders, Todd Gurley looks like an MVP and Jared Goff isn’t far behind. McVay has this team rolling, just have to keep the train on the tracks

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