Top 10 Best Teams of the 90’s

10.  Atlanta Braves

95′ World Series Champs

Lost in World Series 91, 92, 96, 99

This team made it to 5 world series in the 90’s, too bad they only won once. They had one of the best rotations in history and destroyed during the regular season. They were a great team, but likely will be remembered for only winning once out of 5 attempts.


9. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Champs 92, 93

The Jays went back to back in their only world Series appearances. Lead by dominate offenses in both wins, the Jays were lead by Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. Those two were the main stays in each win. The 93 team was easily the more domiante of the 2 rolling out a line that featured Devon White, Alomar, Paul Molitor, Carter and John Olerud, batting first through fifth for the Jays most games, Rickey Henderson joined the Jays on July 31st and was placed second in the batting order. That’s 6 all-stars all in row, opposing pitchers didn’t stand a chance.


8. Houston Rockets

NBA Champs 94, 95

The Rockets were the only other team, not named the Bulls, to win multiple titles in the 90’s. Rudy Tomjanovich played his entire career for the Rockets, and was a natural choice to become their new head coach after 9 years of being an assistant. Hakeem Olajuwon was in the pinnacle of his career when the Rockets won their championships, we was named finals MVP in both series. Hakeem won the 94 title almost single handly, but in 95 the Rockets struggled, so they made a huge trade for Hakeem’s former college teammate Clyde Drexler. Clyde propelled the Rockets threw the playoffs and Hakeem outplayed a young Shaquille Oneal to clinch his second finals MVP.


7. San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl winners 94

This team only won once in the 90s but gets a bump for continuing their dynasty after 4 titles in the 80’s. The 49ers made the playoffs 8 of 10 years during the decade, and extremely impressive feet on its own. The 49ers also get a bump over teams who have won multiple championships because of how dominate they won, they beat the Chargers 49-26. This was Steve Young’s only championship as a starter, but the Hall of Famer made it count winning MVP.


6. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl Champs 97, 98

During the 97′ season, John Elway and  Terrell Davis helped guide the Broncos to their first Super Bowl victory, a 31–24 win over the defending champion Green Bay Packers. Davis rushed for 157 yards and a Super Bowl–record three touchdowns to earn the Super Bowl MVP—this while overcoming a severe migraine headache that caused him blurred vision. The Broncos repeated as Super Bowl champions the following season, defeating the Atlanta Falcons (led by Elway’s longtime head coach Dan Reeves), 34–19. Elway was named Super Bowl MVP.


5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Stanley Cup Champs 91, 92

Mario Lemieux couldn’t carry the Penguins by himself so before the 91 season Pittsburgh loaded up in an effort to support their star. Free agent signings (Bryan Trottier) and trades (Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy, Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson) played a major part of this. Arguably no move was bigger during this time than when the Penguins drafted Jaromir Jagr with the fifth overall pick in the 1990 NHL Draft.  The following season, the team lost coach Bob Johnson to cancer, and Scotty Bowman took over as coach. Under Bowman, they swept the Chicago Blackhawks to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Its a real wonder how many more Pittsburgh could have won if Mario hadn’t been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma the next season. Lemieux had success after returning from cancer, but the Penguins just couldn’t get back to where they were, despite making the playoffs 5 more years in a row.


4. Detroit Redwings

Stanley Cup Champs 96, 97

Yes, the Wings and Penguins both won 2 cups in the 90’s but the Wings get the better spot because of their unreal regular seasons. The Red Wings also appeared in 3 cups, losing in 94′. Its hard to believe that before Detroit won in 96, they had the leagues longest title drought. The teams were full of Hall of Famers, and the teams success continued into the 2000’s winning twice.


3. Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl Champs 92, 93, 95

Despite numerous internal issues the Cowboys were simply too good to fail, at least they thought. If Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson could have co existed, there has to be some wonder as to how many more titles they could have won. The team was filled with Hall of Fame players and the Cowboys earned the nickname “America’s Team”.  Winning that many titles in that span is extremely difficult to do and has only been done by the Patriots of the 00’s.



2. Chicago Bulls

NBA Champs 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98

The Bulls won 6 championships during the 90’s, shouldn’t they be the #1 team? Actually, Michael Jordan won 6 championships, when he retired to play baseball, the Bulls didn’t do anything in the playoffs. So they are #2 because their success all hinged on one player. Pippen, Rodman, and Horace Grant all played parts at different times, but Jordan was the key.  Two different 3 peats, that’s extremely impressive, but it almost hurts their cause and makes the NBA look weak. Also hurting their ranking is that they aren’t the only dynasty in NBA history, there’s a lot actually, too many to be honest. Loses the league a lot of credibility that one team just dominates each era. In the 50s the Minneapolis Lakers won 5 titles, the 60’s the Boston Celtics 9, the 80’s Lakers won 5, the 90’s the bulls obviously won 6, the 00’s Lakers won 5 and Golden State has already won 3 in the 2010’s. So since the 50’s the 70’s are the only decade without a dynasty. So are the Bulls 6 championships really that impressive?


1. New York Yankees

World Series Champions 96, 98, 99

I don’t like the Yankees as much as the next guy, but they were really good in the 90s. The 98 Yankees are widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest teams in baseball history, compiling a then-AL record 114 regular season wins against just 48 losses and then sweeping the Padres in the 98 World Series. Their 125 combined regular and postseason wins is an MLB single-season record. Unlike the Bulls of the 90’s the Yankees had a lot of competition and easily could have been swapped on this list by the Braves who they played twice, the Blue Jays also won 2 titles during that time. The steroid era was the most competitive in baseball history, and the team featured numerous Hall of Fame players, among some of the greatest of all time, such a Derek Jeter and Mariano Riveria.



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