Re-imagining College Football as 4 Major Conferences

This whole experiment will focus on splitting all the major schools into 4 conferences. The Big 12 took the hardest hit, spreading out all of its teams to the other conferences. I also left a few schools out and added new ones. This is focused on football, because basketball everyone can make the tournament. With a school like Kansas, that I left out, they can join a conference with a school like Wichita St, or join one of these for everything except football. I’m attempting to keep each at 16 teams.

East Coast Conference (mostly old ACC)




Central Florida



Georgia Tech




Florida St.

Notre Dame

Virginia Tech

West Virginia

North Carolina St.


North Carolina

Boston College

Key Additions: Notre Dame, West Virginia, Central Florida

They lost Wake Forest, Wake isn’t the worst program, but they just don’t belong here in football. They would be a great addition for every sport except football, which they could do and bring Rutgers (who I cut from Big 10) along with them. The additions of Notre Dame and West Virginia, make this conference a legit football threat, mixing them with powerhouses like Clemson, Miami and Florida St. The new alignment forces Notre Dame out of the Independents, with that will bring a lucrative television deal that will benefit the entire conference. West Virginia, brings instant rivalries with the Virginia schools and neighboring Pitt. The wild card is Central Florida, who has got a lot better at football lately, hell they won a national championship. The real reason is that Central Florida is one of the nations largest universities. They will bring alot of eyes to the conference and add a huge market, taking over the entire state of Florida, from Tallahassee (Florida St.), to Orlando (UCF), all the way to Miami.

West Coast Conference (mostly Pac 12)






Washington St.

Oregon St.

Boise St.







Oklahoma St.

Arizona St.


Texas Tech

Key Additions: Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., Boise St.

To get to 16 teams the Pac had to add 4 teams so they got 3 former Big 12 teams and one wild card (Boise St). The Big 12 teams that were added are mostly from the Western side of Texas. Oklahoma St. was tough, just like Oklahoma was, the SEC is already big so where do we put them? Oklahoma St. fits more of the Pac 12 style of play with its air attack, so they were the more obvious choice, along with Texas Tech’s style of play. The wild card is Boise St. who more than deserves a big conference and a shot at the playoffs, just think how much better they can be with all that tv deal money to make facilities better. The conference will also benefit from getting Central timezone games in Texas and Oklahoma, more eyes from the rest of the country.

Big Midwest (mostly Big 10, Big 12 mix)


Ohio St.

Penn St.



Michigan St.






Iowa St.


Kansas St.





Key Additions: Missouri, Iowa St, Oklahoma, Kansas St.

They lost Rutgers, big whoop, they added a big powerhouse in Oklahoma and gained to big markets in KC and STL with Missouri. Iowa St. is a good addition for the Iowa rivalry and overall location. Kansas St. is a good addition as well, for a team like Oklahoma who needs more teams close to them and is a nice transition to a new conference having familiar faces, they’re also not half bad at football and will always be at the top of the division.  The lose of Indiana stings a little and the conference would likely want to keep them around because of basketball, but this is football focused. Yes Mizzou is in the SEC and in the real world, they wouldn’t leave, but this just makes more sense. They get back multiple BIG 12 rivals (Iowa St, Nebraska, Oklahoma, K St.) and get to play another rival on a regular basis (Illinois). Adding Oklahoma is huge because of how good the team is, they get instant credibility to a weaker division in the conference, making the conference championship a must watch every year, with all the new match up possibilities.

SEC (Still SEC)

Division A



Texas A&M


Ole Miss




Division B




Miss St.


South Carolina



Key Additions: TCU, Texas, Houston

The SEC didn’t need much help but Texas is absolutely huge. The lost Mizzou but added 3 Texas teams, TCU and Texas are already established, but Houston is the wildcard. Houston adds a huge market and can benefit from the new income and recruiting pipelines. The new match-ups these 3 teams are adding, will create some needed buzz to the SEC, new rivalries will bring in a whole new set of eyes and fans. The SEC is already huge, but adding 3 Texas teams will take them to an unknown next level.

Left Out : Wake Forest, Kansas, Rutgers, Indiana

Bonus *

Possible new Mid Major conference including left out teams. This would be a huge basketball conference and would compete in a new college football division with other mid major FBS and upper level FCS teams forming a new tier in the NCAA system.

Division A: Kansas, Colorado St., Wichita St., Memphis, BYU, Nevada

Division B: Wake Forest, Rutgers, Indiana, Cincinnati,  UConn, Temple

This would still allow the left out teams to play in a major basketball conference and give them a solid mid major football conference. The Mountain West loses a few teams ( Colorado St, Nevada, and Boise St.) to other conferences but can easily bring up FCS teams to replace them. The American also takes a huge hit losing 6 teams between the new Power 4 and the bonus conference. But with a concept of mid major FBS  joining with upper FCS they would be able to re work their conference or divide up among the others.

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