Week 4 Power Rankings

32. Arizona Cardinals (31)

Rosen played waaaaayyyy better than Bradford, that’s the only real takeaway here. This team is eyeing their first overall pick, time to start scouting.

31. New York Jets (26)

The real Sam Darnold is starting to shine through, he’s just not accurate. They had one big game against Detroit, other than that this team is lost. It would help Darnold from forcing passes if he had a running back **cough cough** Le’veon Bell.

30. Buffalo Bills (25)

I really thought this team would turn things around after the Minnesota game….nope they’re still bad. Its still extremely possible this team ends up with the worst record in the league. They couldn’t even gain 200 total yards.

29. Oakland Raiders (32)

Well Well, they won, but it seemed clear the refs botched a key play that would have sealed it for Cleveland. This isn’t great, but at least it’s still a win. Gruden has a long journey and I’ll continue to say his tenure won’t last long. The bonus is that the Raiders have an easy stretch of schedule, so a season turn around could legit happen here.

28. New York Giants (23)

The Giants can’t seem to put a full 60-minute effort together. If the offense is playing well, the defense falls apart. When the defense holds, the offense sputters. The notion of a quick return to contention under Pat Shurmur has gone from possible to unlikely to you have to be kidding. The notion of another top-five draft slot, however, is another story.

27. San Francisco 49ers (22)

The 49ers tried as had as they could to win Sunday, but moral victories dont count. Plus they should really just be playing for a high draft pick at this point, Jimmy G is out, don’t get fancy and end up with a mid round pick.

26. Houston Texans (30)

They picked up a hard fought over time win, but how much does it really mean. With the win, Houston climbed out of the cellar in the division. But given how the team has played over the season’s first month, it’s hard to imagine these Texans can challenge the Jaguars (or even the Titans) in the AFC South.

25. Indianapolis Colts (24)

Another team that should be going all in on Lev Bell, they managed 43 yards on the ground. I’m dead serious in saying a solid running game would have this team at 3-1…at least. They stay ahead of Houston in the rankings purely because they have more potential to be better, but damn they have to protect Luck.

24. Cleveland Browns (17)

Poor Cleveland, one or 2 calls their way and a good kicker this team is 4-0, but some blame must be on them. Great teams dont lose this way, and blowing that lead Sunday didn’t help. Baker has that it factor, but he has to learn to close out games. At this point it seems to be all mental with the Dawg Pound.

23. Detroit Lions (29)

They go from a crazy win against New England, to barely losing to Dallas, but barely losing to Dallas isn’t a positive. This was a game they should have won, but they let one of the leagues worst offenses drive the ball for a winning field goal. This team is such a mystery, only they know how good they are.

22. Atlanta Falcons (21)

This team has issues, they have lost to 3 very good teams, but they are also supposed to be a very good team. The defense can’t make stops when it matters and the offense just has to sit back and watch them implode. They’re the best 1-3 team but that doesn’t mean shit, cause you’re still 1-3.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (15)

This team has to look around and realize they need to figure stuff out. They made Baltimore look like an offensive juggernaut. James Conner has to get more touches, because simply fact…when he doesn’t they lose. Next week they play the Falcons in what some people thought could have been a Super bowl match-up, now its just 2 teams trying to find their way.

20. Seattle Seahawks (27)

Seattle got the win they needed, but they trailed the leagues worst team for a while. This seems like a Seahawk thing to do, string together gross wins and find themselves in the mix of things come seasons end, although I’m not sold on that.

19. Minnesota Vikings (14)

There’s no shame in their lose this week, but many would have predicted the Vikings be 3-1 at this point. They were Super Bowl contenders and favorites by many. Its not time to panic but its time to man up and win some games.

18. Dallas Cowboys (28)

Ugh I hate moving this team up, because their 2-2 record seems like a shame, but they are winning. The game was a blueprint for success for this Cowboys team: Bang away on the ground and use that to set up play action. It was also a desperately needed win for a Cowboys team that was in danger of having the season get away from them early. But they must remember this was a close win against a weak team, they need to keep their heads down and keep finding ways to win.

17. LA Chargers (20)

They barley beat a weak 49ers, that’s not great. This team plays down to weak opponents and it probably doesn’t help they barely have any of their own fans at home games. It should be very interesting to see the Black Hole invade LA next week, because lets be real, the Raiders will always be more LA’s team than the Chargers.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10)

Bye Fitz-Magic, it was fun while it lasted, but is Jameis coming back going to be any better? I originally thought so, but I’m starting to second guess myself. This team is in a good place to have their starter come back, the season starts now in Tampa.

15. Denver Broncos (16)

They got Mahome’d, but that shouldn’t be an excuse, this was a game Denver should have won. This may be the most average team in the league, they’re not great but they aren’t getting a top 10 draft pick either. The young running backs show tons of promise though.

14. Miami Dolphins (4)

Welcome back to earth Miami, but did anyone expect them to win in Foxborough? This team just has to buck up and keep winning. 3-1 is a great place to be in, a lose to the Patriots, shouldn’t throw them off their rails.

13. Green Bay Packers (12)

Frankly, there’s not a ton that can be taken away from this win—other than that the Vikings have bigger problems than we thought if they lost at home in blowout fashion to this marshmallow of a Bills team. They drop one spot in the rankings, because of how good New Orleans is starting to look. This team is still among the leagues best.

12. New Orleans Saints (13)

Alvin Kamara gives this team a needed edge, Brees didn’t play great but he didn’t have too and he must feel relieved. When Brees looks human Kamara drove the bus, and he did just fine with that responsibility. That’s a great sign moving forward, because this team looks to be really hitting their stride now.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (3)

Against a Titans team that came into the game averaging 162 passing yards a game, the Eagles made Marcus Mariota look like Joe Montana. Mariota burned the Eagles for 344 yards and two scores.  This team hopefully got a reality check and turns it around, because the defending champs may not even make the playoffs…yea I said it.

10. New England Patriots (18)

THEY’RE BACK…maybe. I guess until this team is officially knocked out of playoff contention or something wild like that, then they just have to stay in the top 10. Brady rebounds like no one we have ever sen, once you say they’re out they dominate a 3-0 Dolphins team.


9. Washington Redskins (9)

They had a BYE week, why move them. They get the Saints and Panthers in back to back weeks, its put up or shut up in Washington.


8. Carolina Panthers (8)

Same as the Redskins, not much to go on in the bye week. Hopefully this took time to find Newton a new target now that Olsen is hurt, he just needs to get on the same page as another big man.


7. Tennessee Titans (19)

Hopefully having Mariota back full time will give these guys the jolt they needed, Gabbert kept their record respectable with some gritty wins, but this OT win against the Eagles could be season defining. If we see this team rolling into the playoffs we could look back and see Mariota’s final drive as the moment that set the team lose.

6. Baltimore Ravens (7)

This team is just going to keep grinding out wins, the veterans must know the windows closing fast. This is exactly the way the team played when they won the Super Bowl in 2012 That was a few years ago now, but it worked then, it could work again.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (11)

It’s about time we take this team seriously, at least for now. They’ve done enough to look legitimate, every team slips up and it may be early but the lose to Carolina just looks to be a small bump in the road. Should be very interesting to see where the season goes from here.


4. Chicago Bears (6)

Mitch Trubisky isn’t going to be like this every week, but if they Bears get half of that then they should be considered legit Super Bowl Contenders. As long as he doesn’t make mistakes and throws in the occasional huge play then this team is flirting with something special.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars (5)

Every week but last, this team looked like the best in the AFC. This week they were back to form, hopefully they get Fournette back soon, especially before they play Kansas City. Bortles looks like the quarterback the Jags always hoped he would be, if that trend continues there may be no stopping Jacksonville.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Patrick Mahomes had his first real test and he got an A+. The defense isn’t good but they are the leagues best on 3rd downs, if your’re going to have anything at least there’s that. They got stops when needed and Mahomes & the boys did the rest. They get the Jaguars and Patriots back to back, if they somehow come out of this undefeated, not much else can stop them.


1. LA Rams (1)

Like there was any question. The Los Angeles Rams made an emphatic statement Thursday night in a game that we viewed as a potential NFC Championship Game preview before the season. In cruising past the Minnesota Vikings at home, the Rams said to the rest of the NFL, “We are the team to beat.” The “greatest show on turf” would be proud.



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