Canucks’ Ban Fortnite..Cause that matters

Vancouver forward Bo Horvat recently came out and said the team had implemented a ban on the popular game Fortnite. The fact that an NHL team thinks that a video game is going to win or loss them games is unreal, this is what happens when teams are ran by old white guys. Video game should be a release for players, who are constantly on the road, away from their families. What do you want them to do? They can drink, party, and just get into any kind of trouble or…they can sit in their rooms and play a video game.

Some players outside of the Canucks had something to say, like Jets forward Patrick Laine. “I think they just needed something to blame after last year,” Laine said in an obvious shot at the Canucks’ 31-40-11 record last season. “And we kind of made a deal if we’re playing like that, we can give up our PlayStations so we’re not going to take them on the road. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Maple Leafs player Zach Hyman also had something to say on the issue. “I don’t think Fortnite’s the problem,” Hyman said. “I think that you can get addicted to anything. If you’re sitting there playing Fortnite for 12 hours a day it’s probably not the best thing for you, but if you play it like a normal person — one or two hours a day — then you’re fine. … If you’re going out all night (partying), you’re addicted to going out. That’s not good either.”

Teams should have way more things to worry about than a video game, if they truly think that’s the problem, then maybe they are actually the problem.

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