Auston Matthews is the Greatest Player of All Time…on opening night

How bout this for some opening night stats.

October 12, 2016: 4 goals
October 4, 2017: 1 goal, 2 assists
October 3, 2018: 2 goals

The first game of the season is where Matthews shines, he’s absolutely unreal during the season too, but this is actually more a tell of his future than you think. Matthews coming out so dominate to start a season means that he is in mid season form to begin the year, he takes his off season so seriously that he’s already steps ahead of everyone else before the season even starts. In the long run this helps everyone around him, every young player the Leafs draft now gets to see how this monster trains and prepares.

After that performance and getting a win Matthews still had this to say, “They kind of outworked us. A lot we can learn moving forward.” This is a player that realizes one game means nothing and its the entire body of work. Plus the dude was in GQ, some people just have it all. He’s excited about having Tavares as a teammate and he seems comfortable with the Toronto media. The only question is if he’s on the same page as Babcock, lets just hope no one gives him Mike Commodore’s phone number.

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