Its the Season…for Overreacting About Your Team

Maybe the best part about hockey season is the stupid ass fans, after one game teams are already booing. Last night during the St. Louis Blues game, fans started booing Jake Allen, after multiple defensive let downs. Boston fans already are calling for a goalie controversy after Halak got a shutout and Rask allowed 5 goals in the season opener.  Vegas fans have seemingly already turned their backs on Marc-Ande after he got pulled., but he obviously went out on the strip the night before with Gritty, cut the dude a break. There’s more than just goalie over reactions, William Nylander is getting attacked by Leafs fans for not signing a new contract and “taking a discount,” but as we’ve seen in football, these guys have to get paid while they can because you never know when an injury can end your career. Minnesota fans roasted their team after losing to Colorado and have deemed the season a failure.

I have a word of advice for all these “experts”….SHUT THE HELL UP, your hot takes don’t mean shit and no one cares. I don’t care if you’ve played hockey before either, “As a former player blah blah blah.” Oh you played hockey? What team did you play for?

IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT TEAM YOU PLAYED FOR!! Stick to beer league and fantasy hockey, you pigeons.

Then to all of you who never played and don’t even know what icing is, just some input for ya. Just because the goalie lets in a goal, doesn’t mean its his fault, sometimes the defense sucks. Get your head out of your ass and just enjoy the game.


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