Should Anyone Pay Machado?

Is Manny Machado worth all the money he wants? After his recent actions and comments, it doesn’t seem worth paying him 300 million dollars. The guy hasn’t even got paid yet and hes acting like hes earned every penny of that. A player getting that much money should be stetting the tone on the field and off, then this guy goes and says he doesn’t like to hustle and steps on a first baseman’s ankle. There have been some very hot takes on this issue. The play resulted in an easy ground ball, anyone that’s played baseball for any period of time knows how easy it is to peel off the base. Especially when its an easy out, if the play was close and he was hustling down first then got tripped up, it’s a whole different story. This, flat out, isn’t a guy you build your team around.

Dodger’s fans shouldn’t have to defend this guy either, he’s not homegrown and barely been with the team. It’s ok, admit he’s a jerk, he won’t even be playing on your team next year.

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