Week 9 Power Rankings

32. Oakland Raiders (32)

Nick Mullens should forever be a Raiders fan, they may have just got him a starting job for the rest of the year. He looked like a super star against these guys, crazy theory but Mullens has “Gruden Guy” written all over him. Jimmy G will be back next year and Mullens might need a job…just saying.

31. New York Giants (30)

Giants had a BYE week, but the 49ers win boost them. Next week will be the battle for #31, The Giants have more weapons then the Raiders so San Fran should be in for a fight…if anyone cares.

30. San Francisco 49ers (31)

I’m giving the 49ers the bump because they won, but they beat the Raiders. Good for them but don’t ruin this high draft pick. The win was a good story, 3rd string qb puts up monster numbers, but it was more of a showcase of how bad Oakland is. They have a chance to keep this run going as they get the 1-win Giants. Nick Mullens for Pro Bowl!!

29. Arizona Cardinals (29)

‘Zona better have treated this BYE week as a vacation because they get KC next week. They also have a tough schedule the rest of the way, things aren’t getting better.

28. Buffalo Bills (28)

HOW DOES NATHAN PETERMAN STILL HAVE A JOB???  Honestly i’m done talking about this. The Bills are an absolute joke for still having him on the team. LeSean McCoy has been bad but its hard to be motivated playing for this team.

27. Cleveland Browns (27)

The Browns aren’t going to move in the rankings, no one should have thought they had a chance against KC. Greg Williams risk taking on 2pt conversations and 4th downs, just shows he’s not giving up on these guys. They aren’t expected to win, why not just go for it?

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (25)

Fitz-Magic wasn’t too bad and should stay starter, but man, this defense sucks. Carolina is good, but they shit kicked the Bucs. This lose had to be a new low for a once promising start.

25. New York Jets (23)

Did Sam Darnold dress as Nathan Peterman for Halloween? Really though Danold is young and shown a lot of promise at times, but in New York you don’t get much time. He needs to grind out this year, cut back on the ints and give Jets fans something to look forward too.

24. Indianapolis Colts (24)

Colts had a BYE week, but get the Jags and Titans back to back. Either they turn the season around and climb back up the division or help either of these teams do the same.

23. Denver Broncos (22)

The Bronocs have an abundance of close loses, seriously look at the scores. One has to think what could have tilted those the other way. I say quarterback, but its really a team effort. That locker room can’t be a fun place to be.

22. Dallas Cowboys (19)

Ive been saying it, maybe this prime time failure is just what everyone needed. Dak isn’t the answer at qb and it seems time for a coaching change, don’t expect the Cowboys to figure anything out. They very likely could spoil a fellow division rival of their foes.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (21)

Jags have a BYE week, it was just in time to stop the bleeding, here’s to see if it helped.

20. Atlanta Falcons (26)

I bumped the Falcons because they’ve won 3 straight, but its 2 wins against bad teams and 1 against a decent Skins team. They have to win the next 2 weeks (Browns, Cowboys) because then they get New Orleans. If this win streak is real were going to find out soon enough, but as of right now, id still take the Browns next week.

19. Tennessee Titans (20)

The Titans were very impressive in handling the Cowboys. There isn’t going to be much time for celebration, however. The Titans fly home to prepare to take on the surging Patriots in Nashville, followed by an AFC South road trip to Indy and then Houston. The Titans have to come out of that three-game stretch at 6-5.

18. Miami Dolphins (18)

Best way to describe this game…they didn’t lose. They have a winning record, but after this game can you really think they have any shot at the playoffs? I have a weird feeling they may be eyeing a QB in the upcoming draft.

17. Detroit Lions (17)

The Detroit Lions raised some eyebrows earlier this week when they traded wide receiver Golden Tate to the Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, the Lions were 3-4, but they were hardly out of it in the NFC North. Perhaps the Lions knew something we didn’t. Or were at least able to admit something fans have trouble with. There was a point where I was

16. Seattle Seahawks (16)

It was a disappointing loss, but Seattle has precious little time to fret about it. The Seahawks’ next three games are brutal—at the Rams, home against the Packers and then at Carolina. It’s a stretch that could be the end of any postseason aspirations Seattle may have, but lets not count the Seahawks out just yet.

15. Green Bay Packers (12)

In a loaded NFC North it looks like the Packers are just about finished. They have a tough schedule and mounting injuries. Not even ARog can save them from this.

14. Baltimore Ravens (14)

Sunday’s home loss to the hated Steelers was Baltimore fourth loss in five games. And the reason for that loss was the same problem that has plagued these Ravens over the past few seasons. The offense isn’t good. It seems like only a matter of time before Lamar Jackson gets his chance.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (13)

The Bengals had a BYE week, now they get the Saints. Hope they used that week well.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (15)

The Eagles had a bye week, but they jump 3 spots…well because the Redskins got destroyed by the Falcons, that puts Philly right back in places to win the division. They benefited greatly from the lose. Philly has an insane line up of games to finish the season so this is really gut check time for the defending champs.

11. Washington Redskins (6)

I kept saying this team didn’t look top 10, and they got destroyed by a rough Atlanta team. A lot of things were exposed here and the Eagles are nipping at their heels. The problem is when they lose…they lose big, they also have some impressive wins. This team is tough to figure out and with injuries stacking up, this could be a rough stretch.

10. Minnesota Vikings (11)

The Vikings are still behind the Bears in the North, so they need all the wins they can get to keep up. This teams tough to figure out, they got blown out by the Bills, so no game should be a guaranteed win.

9. Houston Texans (10)

This team is on fire, but lets be honest, their wins haven’t came against great teams. The rest of their schedule sets up favorably if they keep at this pace. The Texans 1000% control their own destiny.

8. Chicago Bears (9)

The Bears did exactly what they should have, put the Bills out of their misery. Chicago has a chance to seize control of the NFC North with upcoming games against the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (8)

The Steelers avenged an earlier season lose to the Ravens and seem to be right where they want to be. Next weeks game against the Panthers is huge for both teams momentum moving forward.

6. Carolina Panthers (7)

Don’t look now but the Panthers are feeling themselves. Cam Newton is a weapon, but hes also surrounded by weapons and that’s scary. Carolina blew out Tampa and have an impressive 3 game win streak going. Big Ben and company will be a huge test next week.

5. San Diego Chargers (6)

We’ve seen this before from San Diego, they look like a lock for a wild card, but they have collapsed before and still have to play KC again. Also games against the AFC North’s top teams, this won’t be an easy journey, but Rivers always keeps it exciting.

4. LA Rams (1)

How did the Rams fall 3 spots? They got destroyed, none of the other teams ahead of them can say that. New England got beat early in the season by Detroit and it didn’t look great, but in no way did they get dominated. A bright spot of this team was supposed to be their defense and that said defense looks mediocre at best. Is the offense good enough to hang with the elite? Time will tell, and after the Rams were humbled, an they learn from it. Honestly this team could be scary if they use it as motivation.

3. New England Patriots (3)

New England looked great against Green Bay, but this match up was over hyped. This is exactly the result they should have had. The Pats have an easy schedule going ahead besides from Minnesota and Pitt, so we shouldn’t see them take their foot off the pedal anytime soon.

2. New Orleans Saints (4)

The top 4 of the NFL looks scary right now. Yes, someone can swoop in and ruin this, but right now the offensive juggernauts are must watch football. The Saints have a few tough match ups left on the schedule, they have to look past this win and keep pumping. The season very well could come down to the 2 late season games against Carolina.


1. KC Chiefs (1)

The Chiefs picked apart the Browns, this was supposed to happen and did. The announcers during this game in now way sold the win like they should, instead pumped how promising of a future the Browns have. The Chiefs have to be getting sick of this, that’s a great chip to have on your shoulder. They honestly get the bump to number 1 because LA deserved to fall and Nola hasn’t done enough to show they’re that much better than the boys in KC. Next week is Arizona, they should use this as an opportunity to develop the defense on their road to meeting the Rams.


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