Why Do People Care About Dez Bryant?

Why is Dez Bryant still getting publicity? His signing with the Saints today got big media attention, for a player thats done nothing but decline. Add in that the Saints have a complicated offense, Dez just adds depth to the position, not a game changer. The Saints still play the Cowboys this year, that’s the only thing note worthy that comes from this.

Saints fans are looking at this like a block buster signing, but if Dez was so block buster…why did it take so long to sign? Dez is entertaining on social media, but on the field hasn’t had 1000 yards since 2014. Just so you know, that was 4 years ago. Wide receivers aren’t like wine, they don’t get better with time. I guess it was a genius business move for Dez to sign now when the NFL new stories are at their lowest, but check back with me in a few weeks and see how ole Dez is fairing. Also Bryant will bring a lot of media attention to a team that likes to stay pretty quite, how will that dynamic fit into the locker room while this teams attempts a Super Bowl run? People forget that Dez has hands of stone and a big mouth, lets see if this signing blows up in the Saints face.


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