Forget Power Rankings the NFL has 4 Tiers Week 10

Power Rankings seems completely pointless now, but lets bulk the teams into groupings. It seems as though that’s the point of the season we’re in.

Better Luck Next Year

These teams have all but tanked their seasons. Can they pull a miracle and upset a contender? Yea maybe, but those are the only thing they have to look forward to.

Oakland Raiders

Players don’t even want to be on the team, Gruden has a 10 year contract and probably a 10 year plan. So expect more guys to be dumped at the draft and off-season.

San Francisco 49ers

Does the outcome really matter, other than draft position? The 9ers really should have won this game, winning these games at least boost moral, but losing just keeps hurting. The team has to know things will be better when Jimmy gets back, but that’s a long ways away.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona legit gave KC some trouble, but KC was likely looking forward to next Monday against the Rams. The defense looked good, but the offense could never get anything going. A better offensive line and this could have been upset central. Poor Rosen got destroyed.

Detroit Lions

The Bears destroyed the Lions and officially put them in the bottom feeder region of the league. The potential is there in coming years, but this ain’t it Chief.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How can this explosive of an offense be held to 3 points?! Fitz 3 turnovers, but 400 yards passing, they just can’t get it right. May be time for a new culture in Tampa aka new coach, new quarterback.

New York Jets

The Bills are also on this list and they beat the Jets by 31…31! At one point this team showed a lot of promise, but now they are on pace to ruin Darnold. I don’t think Bowles is fully to blame, but best for him to get out of there. The Jets could be way worse off then we thought.

Buffalo Bills

Great win for the Bills, and thank god they didn’t play Peterman. Matt Barkley looked great and LeSean McCoy looked revitalized. It shows that solid qb play and you remember why this team made the playoffs last year.

New York Giants

Too bad this is a weak qb draft, Eli may be staying around another year. This team barely beat a 3rd string quarterback and only has 2 wins. They still have a shot at the #1 pick, but they have to hope its at least top 5.

Maybe…Just Maybe…Probably Not

These teams have been a roller-coaster all season, can they go on some miracle run? Yes, but they all have some rough loses. This is the biggest chunk of the league. These teams can easily contend with the leagues best one week and then lose to a bottom feeder the next week. It’s possible for these teams to move up and down.

Miami Dolphins

Tannehill gave this team some hope but now that he’s out this team is a lost cause. I don’t think Tannehill is bad, but he’s hurt too much, its really time to start over in Miami. Brock isn’t the answer either…if I even had to say it.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals just can’t hang with the big boys, is it every going to be time to move on from Marvin Lewis?

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens needed a Bye week and needed it bad, 3 straight loses. They still are legit in the playoff hunt, but I have a feeling if they miss, its bye bye Flacco and Harbaugh.

Indianapolis Colts

The team was in the Better Luck Next Year, just a couple weeks ago, now they are right in the hunt for the division. The NFL season is a wild road, lets see if the Colts can navigate it.

Jacksonville Jaguars

I want to put these guys in the trash but they’re too talented. Honestly I blame the coordinators, which directs on the coach. These guys have no passion and no drive, time for someone to step up, it seems this team is void of a leader.

Denver Broncos

Honestly the Broncos are doomed, but they can still ruin playoff seeding by knocking off some upsets, because the talent is there. This team can easily click one week and ruin playoff hopes or positioning. They have 2 games left the the Chargers, that would be their target.

Dallas Cowboys

Big win against the Eagles but they have too many bad loses to turn the season around. They have to love playing spoiler to the Eagles, who hoped to get back in the race. They could still go on a run to the playoffs, but that would take some major upgrades in their overall play.

Philadelphia Eagles

They still have the Saints, Rams and Texans, good luck the rest of the way Philly. The defending champs are now chumps, how things can turn so quickly. Finishing .500 would look like a success at this point.

Atlanta Falcons

I knew the Falcons were a fraud, and Baker exposed them. They have a tough schedule moving forward so pulling some major upsets is possible but not enough to squeak into the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks

This team got so close to beating the Rams twice, but came up just short. That seems like a solid metaphor for the Seahawks entire year. The actually could make the playoffs still, just need to upset at least one of the 3 (KC, Minnesota, Carolina).

Green Bay Packers

This is not the same old Pack, to save their season they need to beat Seattle and Minnesota in back to back games. They need to start throwing some wins together or bench Rodgers and let him heal for next year, make the choice.

Cleveland Browns

Even if they win out they still won’t make the playoffs but they can spoil the party for multiple teams in the hunt. 5 of their remaining games are against teams with legit playoff hopes.

Who are you Really?!

Who are these teams? One week they look like the NFL elite, the next they can’t score any points. These teams are a mystery but very much are in the playoff hunt.

Washington Redskins

They lead their division, and should make the playoffs. But we know all to well  that the NFC East likes to beat each other up, no game against division foes will be a cake walk and the Redskins haven’t proved they are that much better than the rest of the teams. They have had close games with both the Cowboys and Giants.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have looked real good this season, but this last week against Pitt was embarrassing. They still have 2 games against the Saints so they need to make sure they win all the other games, but stealing at least one from New Orleans would be huge for a playoff push.

Minnesota Vikings

This team has a wild path the rest of the way, its a tough schedule for a solid team. The Vikings have been clicking other than a lose to the Saints, but half their remaining games are against top tier contenders. This won’t be easy, but the Vikings are good enough to do it.

Tennessee Titans

Before last week the Titans would have been in the lower tier, but they just pumped the Pats. This team proved they can be dangerous and when Mariota is on they can beat anyone. The Titans can easily end the season with 11 wins, but can also end with 7 or 8. We just don’t know what were going to get.

Playoff Bound

Crazier things have happened in the NFL, but these teams are locks for the playoffs.

New England Patriots

The Pats are the only team in this category to lose last week, but they’re still the Patriots and own a sizable division lead. The reaming schedule looks easy for the Pats other than the Vikings, so expect for the Pats to bounce back.


Pittsburgh Steelers

After the first 4 weeks of the season the Steelers looked dead and people were calling for heads to roll. Now they have won 5 straight and look more dangerous than ever. The Chiefs crushed them in week 2, but if they meet in the playoffs now, the Chiefs would even have to be worried.


Houston Texans

Another team that looked dead, the Texans have taken advantage of a weak division and now look like the South favorite. They still have a game against each division team left and a match up with the Eagles, so this is far from over. Its just hard not to put the Texans at the top with how they have bounced back. This is the worst of the Elite, but that’s not saying anything.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs may have been looking past Arizona and it showed, but they got the win without question. That’s the sign of a great team. Next week vs the Rams, its two of the leagues juggernauts in what could be the game of the year. When the NFL schedule this Monday Night match up they couldn’t have expected it to be this huge. We will learn a lot about KC.


Chicago Bears

The Bears season is far from over, they still have the Vikings twice and Rams once. Then there’s the always tough Packers, but this team is the cream of the crop in the North. They are the most complete team, but as the season goes on will a more veteran Viking team swoop in and steal the division? No matter what the playoffs are on the horizon for the upstart Bears.


LA Chargers

The only team on this list that isn’t leading their division, but the Chargers have stayed so close to the league leading Chiefs that they still have that as a possibility. They would love to keep winning instead of heading to somewhere like Pitt or Houston for a first round match up. They fully control their own destiny because they still have one more game against the Chiefs.


New Orleans Saints

The Saints left no doubt and buried the Bengals. On a down note the Dez Bryant experiment failed before it started and the team has signed Brandon Marshall. Its slightly surprising the team is so desperate for help, it makes you think they aren’t confident heading into the playoff push. The last 3 weeks of the season feature the Panthers twice and the Steelers, that’s a rough way to head into the playoffs so securing a first round bye is all but necessary.


LA Rams

The Rams saw an amazing offense against Nola and lost, now they get arguably an even better offense. How will things turn out this time? The defense has to step up because these offense are going to be pedal to the medal. The Rams d getting to Mahomes could be the key factor to victory. They have had 2 close games and a lose in the last 3 weeks, the Rams have to prove they aren’t slippin.



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