Everyone wants an 8 Team Playoff

Everyone wants an 8 team playoff, but if that were the case then the conference champs would have to get auto-bids. It only seems fair, which puts Washington in the 8 teams. Do you bump an undefeated UCF for the Pac 12 Champ? In my scenario, its 2 lose Michigan that gets the bump out of the 8. We have to be realistic, conference champs deserve auto bids in this 8 team world, either that or we prove that conference championships mean nothing. Lets look at a playoff in this format. 

First Round

  1. Alabama vs. 8. Washington 
  2. Clemson vs. 7. UCF
  3. Notre Dame vs. 6. Georgia 
  4. Oklahoma vs. 5. Ohio St. 

Pac 12 champ versus SEC champ, I’m very passionate about this, conference champs need to be in. This will likely be a blowout, lets be real, but the same could happen to the SEC, Big10 and so on. There will be times that a conference is weak and possibly undeserving, but they need to be represented. Alabama easily wins. 

The underdog “defending national champs” versus the ACC champions. UCF wanted its chance to prove themselves…well here they go. This may be a hot take, but Clemson isn’t as good as everyone thinks. But lets be clear, they are way better than UCF, especially with their starting qb out. Clemson wins this by a few touchdowns and we can finally stop listening to UCF fans. 

Dawgs versus the Golden Domers, Notre Dame should go into this game with built up rage. People legit thought Georgia should have been in before them. Notre Dame went undefeated and played all FBS teams, no one else can say that. Notre has to go out looking to prove themselves and we’ve seen Georgia fall on their heads twice this year, Notre Dame wins a defensive battle.

Boomer Sooner vs the Buckeyes, this one makes the most sense, the two times that have a rightful claim to the 4th spot in the real playoff. The Sooners are a dynamic offense and are way better than Purdue who put up 49 against the Buckeyes. Haskins has himself a career day against a weak OU D, but the Sooners put up 60 to beat Ohio St. 

Semi-Finals / Finals

See what i did earlier? All the top 4 teams won, because I think the committee was right on their top 4. I predict Notre Dame vs. Alabama in the national championship. Lets see how this Final 4 plays out in real life, instead of predicting, that’s the most exciting way to do it. 

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