How Did Cleveland Become the NFL’s Biggest Story?

Damarious Randall intercepts a ball right along Cincinnati’s sideline, Randall runs directly over to his former coach Hue Jackson and hands him the ball. The savagery level is off the charts. How did we get here…

This all started with Cleveland being featured on Hard Knocks, you saw the cracks, you saw the tension between Hue and Todd Haley. People were invested in the Browns, but then they give people even more reason to talk. This team has been must watch, mostly for their off field issues. Baker seems to have revitalized  this teams image, but Jackson seemed to be a roadblock in the way of that.

Lets be real, the season gets a little boring this time of year, in terms of news. So the firing of both Todd Haley and Hue Jackson gave fans the drama they desperately sought after. THEN Hue Jackson takes a gig with the rival Bengals, a team Cleveland was set to play the next week. If this wasn’t fuel for the locker room, I don’t know what is. This is reality tv show shit were talking about here, then rumors that Hue could take over the Bengals if Marvin Lewis is fired. When does this show debut on E!? 

The reason the Browns are being followed by fans all over the league is because of the drama, its must see, and Baker Mayfield doesn’t shy away from the drama either. Its widely covered how much he fed off of it in college, just google his  game against Kansas.  If Cleveland fans don’t like it then they didn’t do their research. The pictures and videos on social media from the Bengals game are like getting on twitter after a series finale of your favorite show. It was the ending everyone wanted, but left them clamoring for more.