Everyone wants an 8 Team Playoff

Everyone wants an 8 team playoff, but if that were the case then the conference champs would have to get auto-bids. It only seems fair, which puts Washington in the 8 teams. Do you bump an undefeated UCF for the Pac 12 Champ? In my scenario, its 2 lose Michigan that gets the bump out of the 8. We have to be realistic, conference champs deserve auto bids in this 8 team world, either that or we prove that conference championships mean nothing. Lets look at a playoff in this format. 

First Round

  1. Alabama vs. 8. Washington 
  2. Clemson vs. 7. UCF
  3. Notre Dame vs. 6. Georgia 
  4. Oklahoma vs. 5. Ohio St. 

Pac 12 champ versus SEC champ, I’m very passionate about this, conference champs need to be in. This will likely be a blowout, lets be real, but the same could happen to the SEC, Big10 and so on. There will be times that a conference is weak and possibly undeserving, but they need to be represented. Alabama easily wins. 

The underdog “defending national champs” versus the ACC champions. UCF wanted its chance to prove themselves…well here they go. This may be a hot take, but Clemson isn’t as good as everyone thinks. But lets be clear, they are way better than UCF, especially with their starting qb out. Clemson wins this by a few touchdowns and we can finally stop listening to UCF fans. 

Dawgs versus the Golden Domers, Notre Dame should go into this game with built up rage. People legit thought Georgia should have been in before them. Notre Dame went undefeated and played all FBS teams, no one else can say that. Notre has to go out looking to prove themselves and we’ve seen Georgia fall on their heads twice this year, Notre Dame wins a defensive battle.

Boomer Sooner vs the Buckeyes, this one makes the most sense, the two times that have a rightful claim to the 4th spot in the real playoff. The Sooners are a dynamic offense and are way better than Purdue who put up 49 against the Buckeyes. Haskins has himself a career day against a weak OU D, but the Sooners put up 60 to beat Ohio St. 

Semi-Finals / Finals

See what i did earlier? All the top 4 teams won, because I think the committee was right on their top 4. I predict Notre Dame vs. Alabama in the national championship. Lets see how this Final 4 plays out in real life, instead of predicting, that’s the most exciting way to do it. 

16 Team NCAA Football Tournament…if the season ended today

What if the NCAA got so greedy that they expanded their playoff to a 16 team bracket. A lot is bound to happen before the season ends, but lets see where teams would seed at this point.

Region 1

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Oregon
  4. NC State

Bama gets the #1 overall seed, and get the most favorable draw. NC State gets the last at large bid, because they’re still undefeated. They should look at this as a victory, just making the tournament. Oregon and Michigan would be must watch game and would draw huge first round ratings, the Big House would be rocking for this one.

Winner: Bama

Region 2

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Central Florida
  3. Georgia
  4. Oklahoma

You could said this is the region of death, any of these teams could win. Lets not forget UCF beat SEC power Auburn last year, this would be a huge proving ground for them. Notre Dame deserves a #1 spot but an Oklahoma match up isn’t favorable, you’re likely looking at your first upset, buutttt Oklahoma just fired their d-coordinator. Who knows how they will react to a good Notre Dame offense. The wild card is Georgia, other than the slip up to LSU they have been dominate.

Winner: Georgia

Region 3

  1. Clemson
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Washington

Another region that anyone can win, but the 2,3,4 teams all have one thing in common, which one will show up. Since the Maryland game, it looks like Texas is back, but will that team show up again? Florida looked bad and doomed after the Kentucky lose, but then handled LSU. Washington was a dark horse final 4 team, but couldn’t close out Oregon. Clemson plays NC St next week, so maybe this should have waited until then, but this team is clicking on all cylinders….except they slipped hard against Syracuse. Clemson has had some cupcake games recently, sometimes the team with the most momentum wins in these situations.

Winner: Texas

Region 4

  1. Ohio St.
  2. LSU
  3. West Virginia
  4. Kentucky

Kentucky…yes and they deserve it, they have wins against 2 ranked teams and their lone lose was to #17 Texas A&M. West Virginia is an interesting one, if you look at last week then this LSU game isn’t going to be close, but other than that its believable they could win this region. I think LSU and Ohio St, easily walk threw their first games, but what happens when they meet? It just looks like Ohio St. is too good on offense.

Winner: Ohio St.


The Final 4 would be its own animal, but its hard to not think Alabama is the favorite right now.




Way Too Early Top 10 Mock Draft

We have no idea where this season will end up, so I’m purely predicting my top 10 picks.

1. Arizona Cardinals- Ed Oliver DT Houston

Its hard to believe Arizona will pass on such a stacked defensive line class, but dont be shocked to see them trade down and get an O-lineman.

2. San Francisco 49ers- Nick Bosa DE Ohio St

Nick Bosa has a tremendous skill set, and he was off to a great start in 2018 before injuring his knee. He should still be a top-five pick.

3. Oakland Raiders- Rashan Gary DE Michigan

Well you trade Khalil Mack so you need to replace him, they will likely go with even more defense with there other first round pick. They desperately need pass rushers so getting 2 in the first round should help.


4. Buffalo Bills- Johan Williams OT Alabama

Williams has been the most consistent tackle in the country so far this year. Buffalo drafted a quarterback, now they need to protect him, even if the Bills fall out of the top 4 they can still get a solid lineman. Most of the other teams drafting around them need defense.

5. Atlanta Falcons- Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

Atlanta needed to address their defense during last years draft but found wideout Calvin Ridley too good to pass up. Now its more evident than ever that they need help on D, this draft is stacked with ends, but Ferrell is the best one available at 5.

6. Indianapolis Colts- Derrick Brown DT Auburn

Colts need to go after the best player available, if there was a wideout or running back this high, I really think they would take a shot at them. Building the D is also smart and Brown is a monster. He projects just as high as Oliver, its really 1A and 1B…actually and 1C with Jeffery Simmons, out of Miss St. Big time tackles can make instant change to any defense so the Colts wouldn’t be wrong with this pick.



7. New York Giants- Drew Lock QB Mizzou

Finally a QB drafted, but will it be Lock? This spot is reserved for who ever comes out big in the combine. Right now it looks like Lock, but Justin Herbert out of Oregon is also a hot prospect right now. Times up for Eli and a new QB with all of the Giants weapons would be huge. Having star targets helps ease the transition to the NFL and if the Giants took the approach of the Chiefs and Mahomes, they could find themselves in a similar position sooner rather than later.



8. Dallas Cowboys- A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss

Dallas really needs this…and a tight end and welll a lot of stuff. Getting a play maker would be huge for the Cowboys, but they may go best available. There will certainly be stud defensive players available, but Brown’s not half bad.

9. Seattle Seahawks- Deionte Thompson S Alabama

Earl Thomas has likely played his final down in Seattle, and Kam Chancellor retired last off-season, so the Seahawks have to find some new members for Legion of Boom 2.0.
He has a great blend of size (6-2, 196), speed and athleticism. He’s been very productive replacing Minkah Fitzpatrick. After getting lit up by the Rams in week 5, it should be proof the Seahawks need secondary help.

10. New York Jets- Montez Sweat DE Mississippi St.

The Jets need an edge rusher and Montez is a stud. He could put on some more weight, but that’s what NFL teams do, they bulk players up. There’s still big time players available, but Sweat fits exactly what the Jets need. The offense looks solid right now, so this will be a defense pick no matter what.

Re-imagining College Football as 4 Major Conferences

This whole experiment will focus on splitting all the major schools into 4 conferences. The Big 12 took the hardest hit, spreading out all of its teams to the other conferences. I also left a few schools out and added new ones. This is focused on football, because basketball everyone can make the tournament. With a school like Kansas, that I left out, they can join a conference with a school like Wichita St, or join one of these for everything except football. I’m attempting to keep each at 16 teams.

East Coast Conference (mostly old ACC)




Central Florida



Georgia Tech




Florida St.

Notre Dame

Virginia Tech

West Virginia

North Carolina St.


North Carolina

Boston College

Key Additions: Notre Dame, West Virginia, Central Florida

They lost Wake Forest, Wake isn’t the worst program, but they just don’t belong here in football. They would be a great addition for every sport except football, which they could do and bring Rutgers (who I cut from Big 10) along with them. The additions of Notre Dame and West Virginia, make this conference a legit football threat, mixing them with powerhouses like Clemson, Miami and Florida St. The new alignment forces Notre Dame out of the Independents, with that will bring a lucrative television deal that will benefit the entire conference. West Virginia, brings instant rivalries with the Virginia schools and neighboring Pitt. The wild card is Central Florida, who has got a lot better at football lately, hell they won a national championship. The real reason is that Central Florida is one of the nations largest universities. They will bring alot of eyes to the conference and add a huge market, taking over the entire state of Florida, from Tallahassee (Florida St.), to Orlando (UCF), all the way to Miami.

West Coast Conference (mostly Pac 12)






Washington St.

Oregon St.

Boise St.







Oklahoma St.

Arizona St.


Texas Tech

Key Additions: Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., Boise St.

To get to 16 teams the Pac had to add 4 teams so they got 3 former Big 12 teams and one wild card (Boise St). The Big 12 teams that were added are mostly from the Western side of Texas. Oklahoma St. was tough, just like Oklahoma was, the SEC is already big so where do we put them? Oklahoma St. fits more of the Pac 12 style of play with its air attack, so they were the more obvious choice, along with Texas Tech’s style of play. The wild card is Boise St. who more than deserves a big conference and a shot at the playoffs, just think how much better they can be with all that tv deal money to make facilities better. The conference will also benefit from getting Central timezone games in Texas and Oklahoma, more eyes from the rest of the country.

Big Midwest (mostly Big 10, Big 12 mix)


Ohio St.

Penn St.



Michigan St.






Iowa St.


Kansas St.





Key Additions: Missouri, Iowa St, Oklahoma, Kansas St.

They lost Rutgers, big whoop, they added a big powerhouse in Oklahoma and gained to big markets in KC and STL with Missouri. Iowa St. is a good addition for the Iowa rivalry and overall location. Kansas St. is a good addition as well, for a team like Oklahoma who needs more teams close to them and is a nice transition to a new conference having familiar faces, they’re also not half bad at football and will always be at the top of the division.  The lose of Indiana stings a little and the conference would likely want to keep them around because of basketball, but this is football focused. Yes Mizzou is in the SEC and in the real world, they wouldn’t leave, but this just makes more sense. They get back multiple BIG 12 rivals (Iowa St, Nebraska, Oklahoma, K St.) and get to play another rival on a regular basis (Illinois). Adding Oklahoma is huge because of how good the team is, they get instant credibility to a weaker division in the conference, making the conference championship a must watch every year, with all the new match up possibilities.

SEC (Still SEC)

Division A



Texas A&M


Ole Miss




Division B




Miss St.


South Carolina



Key Additions: TCU, Texas, Houston

The SEC didn’t need much help but Texas is absolutely huge. The lost Mizzou but added 3 Texas teams, TCU and Texas are already established, but Houston is the wildcard. Houston adds a huge market and can benefit from the new income and recruiting pipelines. The new match-ups these 3 teams are adding, will create some needed buzz to the SEC, new rivalries will bring in a whole new set of eyes and fans. The SEC is already huge, but adding 3 Texas teams will take them to an unknown next level.

Left Out : Wake Forest, Kansas, Rutgers, Indiana

Bonus *

Possible new Mid Major conference including left out teams. This would be a huge basketball conference and would compete in a new college football division with other mid major FBS and upper level FCS teams forming a new tier in the NCAA system.

Division A: Kansas, Colorado St., Wichita St., Memphis, BYU, Nevada

Division B: Wake Forest, Rutgers, Indiana, Cincinnati,  UConn, Temple

This would still allow the left out teams to play in a major basketball conference and give them a solid mid major football conference. The Mountain West loses a few teams ( Colorado St, Nevada, and Boise St.) to other conferences but can easily bring up FCS teams to replace them. The American also takes a huge hit losing 6 teams between the new Power 4 and the bonus conference. But with a concept of mid major FBS  joining with upper FCS they would be able to re work their conference or divide up among the others.

Is Texas the Biggest Mystery in College Football?

Texas lost to a bad Maryland team, season over. They barely beat Tulsa the next week which wasn’t a good look but at least they won. Since then they’ve knocked off 2 straight ranked opponents and looked like the better team each game. The real test is in 2 weeks when the Red River Shootout takes place, and we’ve seen teams lose their first game of the season and end up in the playoff. There are currently 3 more ranked teams on the schedule (Oklahoma, Texas Tech, West Virginia), they also have tough games with Oklahoma St. and Iowa St. left. Its going to be a long and tough season, but if the Longhorns win out, there’s no reason to believe they wont make the playoff. Everyone wants Texas to be back, for TV rating and advertising at the very least, so the playoff committee would take a one lose Texas team over most one lose teams.


If the Texas team that defensively shutdown USC and TCU plays up to par then we could see Texas back in the spot light again.

They mystery here is how does a team look so average, but then look like world beaters against 2 good teams? Maybe Tom Herman is starting to work his magic, or maybe this is a 2 week fluke. The Longhorns have a tough schedule coming up, so winning out means a return to glory and losing big games means a continuation of what Texas fans have grown used to lately. My outlook is that the Longhorns are working out the kinks from the beginning of the season and will continue to develop something special. Sam Ehlinger may just be what Texas needed to lead them back to the promise land with targets like Collin Johnson it helps his development. True freshman standout, Caden Sterns, and the already established studs like Charles Omenihu and Kris Boyd, the defense will remain scary.

Get Missouri State out of the Missouri Valley

I graduated from Missouri State in Springfield, MO. I’m happy with the choice of my final college (also attended Missouri Western State University, and Southeast Missouri State) , but it seems as though the one constant is how much of a joke the football team is. In the last few years the college has expanded its tailgate to on campus on a long stretch in front of the stadium, this was in hopes of getting students to the game. The school made improvements to the stadium and added a whole new section on the opposite sideline.


This picture shows the inaugural game since the improvements, unfortunately, its the only time it has been close to full. On the other hand, the tailgate has blossomed, and turned into a huge Saturday tradition for students and alumni. I personally got a tent last year for homecoming, my girlfriend and I had friends come to town, we grilled, drank adult beverages. It was great time, but once the game started, no one stayed. The people are there, but the on field product doesn’t attract anyone to stay.


So here’s my argument, move the team to a bigger conference and either let it sink or swim. Here are my 3 realistic choices for the conference Missouri State should choose. Also note that Missouri States enrollment is around 24,000 and growing, that is average for all these conferences. These are all very realistic in terms of location and size of university.

Mid-American Conference (MAC)

The MAC features teams from Ohio, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. Missouri State already competes in the MAC for swimming so there’s a connection here. The conference has been widely known to have solid football teams, so it would instantly force Missouri St. to improve. The most realistic move would be for Southern Illinois University to also leave the Valley and join. Giving them an instant rival and measuring stick for their progress. The issue would definitely be football, Missouri State’s other athletics would have no issue competing right away in the MAC, they all compete and contend against major conference teams. The down side to the MAC would be no built in rivals, which is why I suggest the SIU move.

Sun Belt

I would compare this directly to Mizzou going to the SEC. The Sun Belt includes teams from North Carolina, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas. This conference isn’t as well known for football, except for Appalachian State. Which means it wouldn’t be an immediate rush to get better. MO St, would also be one of the largest schools in the conference in terms of enrollment. The biggest key is that they would have an instant built in rival, Arkansas State. The Bears play the Red Wolves in almost every other sport, besides football. The Bears defeated the Red Wolves 2 games to 1 in their baseball season series last year and multiple other sports play teams from this conference, more so than MAC teams, so this goes back to football being the only issue. Both teams from Arkansas would serve as rivals and opening Texas teams to the schedule would help with recruiting. There’s really no downsides to joining the Sun Belt, they have a good TV contract and good rivals, which makes for a more passionate fan base.

American Athletic Conference (The American)

This one may be a stretch, but I personally don’t think it is, for one reason. That reason is Wichita State, a former huge rival for the Bears before they moved. The AAC taking Wichita St makes its extremely realistic they take Missouri State at some point. The Shockers don’t have football, but the rivalry they built in every other sport was cant miss. In terms of enrollment, Missouri State is middle of the line, so that’s not an issue. They feature teams from all over; Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The biggest issue is that the football team would have a long ways to go with established programs like Central Florida and Cincinnati, just to name a few. Other than basketball and baseball, the other major sports would also see a learning curve, even basketball wouldn’t have instant success compared to the Shockers. Wichita State was brought in as a basketball school primarily, because of the strong basketball history of teams in the conference. If Missouri State wanted to jump in head first this would be a great choice.