Re-imagining College Football as 4 Major Conferences

This whole experiment will focus on splitting all the major schools into 4 conferences. The Big 12 took the hardest hit, spreading out all of its teams to the other conferences. I also left a few schools out and added new ones. This is focused on football, because basketball everyone can make the tournament. With a school like Kansas, that I left out, they can join a conference with a school like Wichita St, or join one of these for everything except football. I’m attempting to keep each at 16 teams.

East Coast Conference (mostly old ACC)




Central Florida



Georgia Tech




Florida St.

Notre Dame

Virginia Tech

West Virginia

North Carolina St.


North Carolina

Boston College

Key Additions: Notre Dame, West Virginia, Central Florida

They lost Wake Forest, Wake isn’t the worst program, but they just don’t belong here in football. They would be a great addition for every sport except football, which they could do and bring Rutgers (who I cut from Big 10) along with them. The additions of Notre Dame and West Virginia, make this conference a legit football threat, mixing them with powerhouses like Clemson, Miami and Florida St. The new alignment forces Notre Dame out of the Independents, with that will bring a lucrative television deal that will benefit the entire conference. West Virginia, brings instant rivalries with the Virginia schools and neighboring Pitt. The wild card is Central Florida, who has got a lot better at football lately, hell they won a national championship. The real reason is that Central Florida is one of the nations largest universities. They will bring alot of eyes to the conference and add a huge market, taking over the entire state of Florida, from Tallahassee (Florida St.), to Orlando (UCF), all the way to Miami.

West Coast Conference (mostly Pac 12)






Washington St.

Oregon St.

Boise St.







Oklahoma St.

Arizona St.


Texas Tech

Key Additions: Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., Boise St.

To get to 16 teams the Pac had to add 4 teams so they got 3 former Big 12 teams and one wild card (Boise St). The Big 12 teams that were added are mostly from the Western side of Texas. Oklahoma St. was tough, just like Oklahoma was, the SEC is already big so where do we put them? Oklahoma St. fits more of the Pac 12 style of play with its air attack, so they were the more obvious choice, along with Texas Tech’s style of play. The wild card is Boise St. who more than deserves a big conference and a shot at the playoffs, just think how much better they can be with all that tv deal money to make facilities better. The conference will also benefit from getting Central timezone games in Texas and Oklahoma, more eyes from the rest of the country.

Big Midwest (mostly Big 10, Big 12 mix)


Ohio St.

Penn St.



Michigan St.






Iowa St.


Kansas St.





Key Additions: Missouri, Iowa St, Oklahoma, Kansas St.

They lost Rutgers, big whoop, they added a big powerhouse in Oklahoma and gained to big markets in KC and STL with Missouri. Iowa St. is a good addition for the Iowa rivalry and overall location. Kansas St. is a good addition as well, for a team like Oklahoma who needs more teams close to them and is a nice transition to a new conference having familiar faces, they’re also not half bad at football and will always be at the top of the division.  The lose of Indiana stings a little and the conference would likely want to keep them around because of basketball, but this is football focused. Yes Mizzou is in the SEC and in the real world, they wouldn’t leave, but this just makes more sense. They get back multiple BIG 12 rivals (Iowa St, Nebraska, Oklahoma, K St.) and get to play another rival on a regular basis (Illinois). Adding Oklahoma is huge because of how good the team is, they get instant credibility to a weaker division in the conference, making the conference championship a must watch every year, with all the new match up possibilities.

SEC (Still SEC)

Division A



Texas A&M


Ole Miss




Division B




Miss St.


South Carolina



Key Additions: TCU, Texas, Houston

The SEC didn’t need much help but Texas is absolutely huge. The lost Mizzou but added 3 Texas teams, TCU and Texas are already established, but Houston is the wildcard. Houston adds a huge market and can benefit from the new income and recruiting pipelines. The new match-ups these 3 teams are adding, will create some needed buzz to the SEC, new rivalries will bring in a whole new set of eyes and fans. The SEC is already huge, but adding 3 Texas teams will take them to an unknown next level.

Left Out : Wake Forest, Kansas, Rutgers, Indiana

Bonus *

Possible new Mid Major conference including left out teams. This would be a huge basketball conference and would compete in a new college football division with other mid major FBS and upper level FCS teams forming a new tier in the NCAA system.

Division A: Kansas, Colorado St., Wichita St., Memphis, BYU, Nevada

Division B: Wake Forest, Rutgers, Indiana, Cincinnati,  UConn, Temple

This would still allow the left out teams to play in a major basketball conference and give them a solid mid major football conference. The Mountain West loses a few teams ( Colorado St, Nevada, and Boise St.) to other conferences but can easily bring up FCS teams to replace them. The American also takes a huge hit losing 6 teams between the new Power 4 and the bonus conference. But with a concept of mid major FBS  joining with upper FCS they would be able to re work their conference or divide up among the others.

Week 3 Power Rankings

The NFL is a wild world, any team can win on any given Sunday. This week was just more proof of that. It was a huge wake up call for some of the leagues Super Bowl favorites. (Last Weeks Rankings)

32. Las Vegas  Oakland Raiders (28)

Gruden isnt made for this day and ages NFL. This team is absolutely lifeless, that’s what happens when you rip out someones heart (Mack). This team just isn’t any good, they might steal a win or 2 this year, but lets not get too crazy.

31. Arizona Cardinals (31)

Rosen looks to be the starter moving forward, thats the most positive thing that could happen. The Cards are bottom feeders, they could have won that game against Chicago, but thats how bad they really are.

30. Houston Texans (27)

Seriously, this team was supposed to be good, right? This could have been a turning point win for Houston, but instead lost to an average Giants team. This is the best of the no-win teams, but that still means they suck.

29. Detroit Lions (30)

Really didn’t see this coming, but the Lions beat the Patriots. They are going to have to do way more than this win to prove me wrong. String together more wins and we’ll see them move up the list.

28. Dallas Cowboys (18)

Dak just isn’t that good, I’m saying it here, he wont be a starting qb in this league within the next couple years. His short comings were masked by a top offensive line, now that line is banged up, Dak is exposed. I bumped this team up last week for their gritty win, but they got knocked back down a peg losing to Seattle.

27. Seattle Seahawks (26)

The Seahawks lost a spot in the rankings but won? Yea because they beat the Cowboys, who are a dumpster fire. If the Seahawks would have lost they would have been right there with the Cardinals and Raiders, but for now they’ve stopped the bleeding. One win against a worse team means nothing right now.

26. New York Jets (25)

Sam Darnold has turnover issues, that was a criticism during the draft, that problem has not been fixed. Cleveland is just a better team (yea, i said it) so losing here shouldn’t have been a surprise. Darnold needs to work on the turnovers and the Jets could easily end up in the 8-8 range, but he continues this trend they may only win 3 games.

25. Buffalo Bills (32)

THEY WON! No thanks to Nathan Peterman being trash, Josh Allen really stepped up here. The Bills took a large jump because they clicked on all cylinders and beat a very good team. What a difference a week can make. They thought they were playing in Wisconsin, but they actually play the team from Wisconsin next week. Green Bay will show us real quick if this weeks win was a fluke.


24. Indianapolis Colts (22)

Andrew Luck just isn’t all there, they could so easily be 3-0, but instead they are a mess. The offense can even get over 300 yards, but the defense is holding opponents to a respectable amount of points each game the last 2 games, so that’s a positive if Luck can figure it out.

23. New York Giants (29)

The Giants finally won, shouldn’t have but they did. Barkley showed off his brilliance and Eli had his best game. The offensive line is trash, so the next 4 weeks against 2017 playoff teams should be real interesting to watch.

22. San Francisco 49ers (19)

The Chiefs blew up the 9ers, they attempted a comeback in the 2nd half, but it was too much. They look to have lost Jimmy G for the year, because he wasn’t smart enough to go out of bounds. It doesn’t look good for these guys, wouldn’t be surprised if they went out and got a qb just to salvage the season since its still early. Is it worth it though, with the way the defense is playing? Maybe go after Fitz-Magic, once Jameis is back, doubtful but it sounds fun.

21. Atlanta Falcons (12)

The Falcons are in real trouble, injuries have made this defense one of the leagues worst. Matt Ryan and Julio will win them games, but as this week proved, its not always going to be enough.

20. Los Angeles Chargers (15)

The best thing the Chargers can look forward to, is that their schedule softens up a bit. They have already played the leagues best 2 team in 3 weeks, but remember when everyone said the Chargers were supposed to be that good too? I remember and I wont forget. I judge this team harder just for that reason.

19. Tennessee Titans (21)

How did this team win? Wow. Give this team some credit, they are grinding out wins without Mariota. If Mariota comes back firing then this team can make the playoffs, but the defense also has to keep up this pace. Things are very shaky in Nashville, after 3 weeks there’s no telling where this team will end up, its in their hands.

18. New England Patriots (6)

Is New England actually not that good? I’m not buying that yet, but they’re getting dropped big in the rankings until they figure it out. We can’t just have the Pats in the top 10 because of the past. New England host the undefeated Dolphins next week, a lot of questions will be answered.

17. Cleveland Browns (24)

I purposely put Cleveland right ahead of New England, they do have a better record, so back off. Mayfield’s debut was the thing of legends, so making him the starter is a no-brainer. He was extremely efficient and made all the right reads, and remember the Browns could easily be 3-0 right now. This team can be dangerous if they get the winning mindset, I think Baker brings that.

16. Denver Broncos (11)

The luck ran out Sunday in Baltimore. Partly, Sunday’s 13-point loss was the fault of quarterback Case Keenum, who threw a devastating interception late. It was Keenum’s fifth pick of the year, and he’s thrown at least one in all three games. But it wasn’t Keenum’s fault the Broncos committed 13 penalties that cost Denver 120 yards. Keenum doesn’t look like the answer at quarterback, but ill hold my tongue until we get later in the season.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (16)

Pittsburgh tried to give this game away, but barely held on. Big Ben put on a passing clinic and James Conner made plays when he had to. The NFL’s most penalized team piled up 13 more for 155 yards. A defense that has struggled late in games did so again. And kicker Chris Boswell missed multiple kicks for the second time in three games—including an extra point. The fact that Boswell is one of the best kickers in the league and is struggling like he is, just makes you think that things aren’t right with that entire team. Time will tell.

14. Minnesota Vikings (2)

This team bought too much into their own hype, so I’m putting them in their place, until they become the team they’re supposed to be. It was a disaster. It was embarrassing. And it raised a whole bunch of questions about just how good these Vikings really are. The Bills could have woke a beast or they could have exposed a fraud.

13. New Orleans Saints (17)

This is team is solid, Brees and company help make up for a bad defense, but im not sold on them being top 10 yet. The defense is so bad, they can lose to any team at any time.

12. Green Bay Packers (8)

Rodgers is banged up and obviously still in pain, its surprising they’re even letting him play. Luckily, the schedule over the next few weeks is sof, a home date with Buffalo, a trip to Detroit and a visit from the 49ers. After that comes the bye and then a trip to L.A. to play the big bad Rams. They will need that bye week, but have to survive until then.

11. Cincinnati Bengals  (7)

Sunday marked the first of four games in five weeks for the Bengals against playoff teams from last year. The first test of just how good these Bengals are. A.J. Green’s injury is the real key here, they have a tough stretch, so missing him will be huge. The Bengals are off to a good start, they lost to a good Carolina team, but Dalton can’t throw 4 interceptions. If that trend continues, mixed with Green’s injury, the Bengals may continue to fall.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3)

This team deserves to be in the top 10 still, they lost and Fitz-magic fizzled a little, but they adjusted and almost pulled off the comeback. It should be real interesting to see how the team reacts when Jameis gets back, it could either propel the team or crash them. They cant worry about that now, because they play a very good Bears team next week.

9. Washington Redskins (23)

I’m starting to come around on Washington, when Adrian Peterson is on, this team is one of the leagues best. This is exactly where Washington wants to be going into a bye, because they get Nola and Carolina back to back. If this team is really that dependent on Peterson it may not be a good sign, but we will see how they adjust with a week off.

8. Carolina Panthers (13)

This is the best team in the NFC South, that’s just my opinion, but I like my opinion. They play their own brand of football and with McCaffery, they’re even more dangerous. What sets the Panthers apart from the rest of the South is their defense, its the key to them winning the division. The way the offense runs the ball and grinds down the clock, it gives the defense plenty of time to plot their next move.

7. Baltimore Ravens (14)

This team can easily make the playoffs, it won’t be exciting but they can. The proved they can win games even when everything’s not clicking. With how questionable their division is, Flacco & Co can make waves, then before you know it end up with 12 wins. I bumped Baltimore up solely on the fact that they were down and showed they wouldn’t give up.

6. Chicago Bears (20)

I never thought they would be a top 10 team, which is why i had them at 20 last week, but they earned it…kinda. They are ranked here because of their defense and on the assumption Mitchell Trubisky can do just enough to win games. This team has a tough road in a tough division but a defense this solid, with Mack at the helm, the sky is the limit for these guys.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (4)

A top 5 team that couldn’t even score a touchdown last week?! It’s hard to believe the Jaguars who blasted the Patriots are the same team that managed just six points in Week 3 against a mediocre Tennessee Titans squad. After throwing for well over 350 yards and four touchdowns last week, Blake Bortles had just 155 passing yards against the Titans. Jacksonville had just 232 yards of total offense as a team. But guess what? The defense didn’t falter, same as the Bears, until the defense falls apart this is a really good team. We cant take them seriously as Super Bowl contenders but we can take them seriously as a threat to any team in the league.


4. Miami Dolphins (10)

You might not think they’re that good but they haven’t lost yet. If this was college football, this is exactly where the Dolphins would be ranked. The last time the Dolphins started 3-0 (2013) Miami proceeded to lose four in a row, finishing 8-8 and out of the postseason. But 3-0 is 3-0…and after coming back to down the Raiders at home in Week 3, the Dolphins are in a position that has historically produced many more playoff trips than not.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5)

Carson Wentz is back…and he struggled, but this team proved it can win when it’s not 100%. Injuries on offense (Ajayi, Jeffey) hurt Carson, so did the turnovers, but the guy just got back from a serious injury. When this team is healthy they will be looking at a winning record, not having to climb out of a hole will be huge for this team. They’re dangerous and have no problem reminding teams they are defending champs.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

What an offensive juggernaut, Mahomes is the truth, hes proved that through 3 games. Will he cool down? Yes, but with all the weapons they have they’re still going to put up points. Eventually someone is going to light this defense up with so many points, that the offense can’t catch up. So far, that hasn’t happened, next Monday is a big rivalry game versus Denver.


1. Los Angeles Rams (1)

Super Team? Maybe not, but they are about as close as it gets. Losing Marcus Peters wont help, but this team should be able to withstand for a few weeks until hes back. The Rams haven’t had a tough schedule yet, so next week vs the Vikings should give us a real report on how good this team really is. 1038899262.jpg.0.jpg

Is Texas the Biggest Mystery in College Football?

Texas lost to a bad Maryland team, season over. They barely beat Tulsa the next week which wasn’t a good look but at least they won. Since then they’ve knocked off 2 straight ranked opponents and looked like the better team each game. The real test is in 2 weeks when the Red River Shootout takes place, and we’ve seen teams lose their first game of the season and end up in the playoff. There are currently 3 more ranked teams on the schedule (Oklahoma, Texas Tech, West Virginia), they also have tough games with Oklahoma St. and Iowa St. left. Its going to be a long and tough season, but if the Longhorns win out, there’s no reason to believe they wont make the playoff. Everyone wants Texas to be back, for TV rating and advertising at the very least, so the playoff committee would take a one lose Texas team over most one lose teams.


If the Texas team that defensively shutdown USC and TCU plays up to par then we could see Texas back in the spot light again.

They mystery here is how does a team look so average, but then look like world beaters against 2 good teams? Maybe Tom Herman is starting to work his magic, or maybe this is a 2 week fluke. The Longhorns have a tough schedule coming up, so winning out means a return to glory and losing big games means a continuation of what Texas fans have grown used to lately. My outlook is that the Longhorns are working out the kinks from the beginning of the season and will continue to develop something special. Sam Ehlinger may just be what Texas needed to lead them back to the promise land with targets like Collin Johnson it helps his development. True freshman standout, Caden Sterns, and the already established studs like Charles Omenihu and Kris Boyd, the defense will remain scary.

Get Missouri State out of the Missouri Valley

I graduated from Missouri State in Springfield, MO. I’m happy with the choice of my final college (also attended Missouri Western State University, and Southeast Missouri State) , but it seems as though the one constant is how much of a joke the football team is. In the last few years the college has expanded its tailgate to on campus on a long stretch in front of the stadium, this was in hopes of getting students to the game. The school made improvements to the stadium and added a whole new section on the opposite sideline.


This picture shows the inaugural game since the improvements, unfortunately, its the only time it has been close to full. On the other hand, the tailgate has blossomed, and turned into a huge Saturday tradition for students and alumni. I personally got a tent last year for homecoming, my girlfriend and I had friends come to town, we grilled, drank adult beverages. It was great time, but once the game started, no one stayed. The people are there, but the on field product doesn’t attract anyone to stay.


So here’s my argument, move the team to a bigger conference and either let it sink or swim. Here are my 3 realistic choices for the conference Missouri State should choose. Also note that Missouri States enrollment is around 24,000 and growing, that is average for all these conferences. These are all very realistic in terms of location and size of university.

Mid-American Conference (MAC)

The MAC features teams from Ohio, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. Missouri State already competes in the MAC for swimming so there’s a connection here. The conference has been widely known to have solid football teams, so it would instantly force Missouri St. to improve. The most realistic move would be for Southern Illinois University to also leave the Valley and join. Giving them an instant rival and measuring stick for their progress. The issue would definitely be football, Missouri State’s other athletics would have no issue competing right away in the MAC, they all compete and contend against major conference teams. The down side to the MAC would be no built in rivals, which is why I suggest the SIU move.

Sun Belt

I would compare this directly to Mizzou going to the SEC. The Sun Belt includes teams from North Carolina, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas. This conference isn’t as well known for football, except for Appalachian State. Which means it wouldn’t be an immediate rush to get better. MO St, would also be one of the largest schools in the conference in terms of enrollment. The biggest key is that they would have an instant built in rival, Arkansas State. The Bears play the Red Wolves in almost every other sport, besides football. The Bears defeated the Red Wolves 2 games to 1 in their baseball season series last year and multiple other sports play teams from this conference, more so than MAC teams, so this goes back to football being the only issue. Both teams from Arkansas would serve as rivals and opening Texas teams to the schedule would help with recruiting. There’s really no downsides to joining the Sun Belt, they have a good TV contract and good rivals, which makes for a more passionate fan base.

American Athletic Conference (The American)

This one may be a stretch, but I personally don’t think it is, for one reason. That reason is Wichita State, a former huge rival for the Bears before they moved. The AAC taking Wichita St makes its extremely realistic they take Missouri State at some point. The Shockers don’t have football, but the rivalry they built in every other sport was cant miss. In terms of enrollment, Missouri State is middle of the line, so that’s not an issue. They feature teams from all over; Florida, Ohio, Connecticut, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The biggest issue is that the football team would have a long ways to go with established programs like Central Florida and Cincinnati, just to name a few. Other than basketball and baseball, the other major sports would also see a learning curve, even basketball wouldn’t have instant success compared to the Shockers. Wichita State was brought in as a basketball school primarily, because of the strong basketball history of teams in the conference. If Missouri State wanted to jump in head first this would be a great choice.

Top 10 Best Teams of the 90’s

10.  Atlanta Braves

95′ World Series Champs

Lost in World Series 91, 92, 96, 99

This team made it to 5 world series in the 90’s, too bad they only won once. They had one of the best rotations in history and destroyed during the regular season. They were a great team, but likely will be remembered for only winning once out of 5 attempts.


9. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Champs 92, 93

The Jays went back to back in their only world Series appearances. Lead by dominate offenses in both wins, the Jays were lead by Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. Those two were the main stays in each win. The 93 team was easily the more domiante of the 2 rolling out a line that featured Devon White, Alomar, Paul Molitor, Carter and John Olerud, batting first through fifth for the Jays most games, Rickey Henderson joined the Jays on July 31st and was placed second in the batting order. That’s 6 all-stars all in row, opposing pitchers didn’t stand a chance.


8. Houston Rockets

NBA Champs 94, 95

The Rockets were the only other team, not named the Bulls, to win multiple titles in the 90’s. Rudy Tomjanovich played his entire career for the Rockets, and was a natural choice to become their new head coach after 9 years of being an assistant. Hakeem Olajuwon was in the pinnacle of his career when the Rockets won their championships, we was named finals MVP in both series. Hakeem won the 94 title almost single handly, but in 95 the Rockets struggled, so they made a huge trade for Hakeem’s former college teammate Clyde Drexler. Clyde propelled the Rockets threw the playoffs and Hakeem outplayed a young Shaquille Oneal to clinch his second finals MVP.


7. San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl winners 94

This team only won once in the 90s but gets a bump for continuing their dynasty after 4 titles in the 80’s. The 49ers made the playoffs 8 of 10 years during the decade, and extremely impressive feet on its own. The 49ers also get a bump over teams who have won multiple championships because of how dominate they won, they beat the Chargers 49-26. This was Steve Young’s only championship as a starter, but the Hall of Famer made it count winning MVP.


6. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl Champs 97, 98

During the 97′ season, John Elway and  Terrell Davis helped guide the Broncos to their first Super Bowl victory, a 31–24 win over the defending champion Green Bay Packers. Davis rushed for 157 yards and a Super Bowl–record three touchdowns to earn the Super Bowl MVP—this while overcoming a severe migraine headache that caused him blurred vision. The Broncos repeated as Super Bowl champions the following season, defeating the Atlanta Falcons (led by Elway’s longtime head coach Dan Reeves), 34–19. Elway was named Super Bowl MVP.


5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Stanley Cup Champs 91, 92

Mario Lemieux couldn’t carry the Penguins by himself so before the 91 season Pittsburgh loaded up in an effort to support their star. Free agent signings (Bryan Trottier) and trades (Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy, Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson) played a major part of this. Arguably no move was bigger during this time than when the Penguins drafted Jaromir Jagr with the fifth overall pick in the 1990 NHL Draft.  The following season, the team lost coach Bob Johnson to cancer, and Scotty Bowman took over as coach. Under Bowman, they swept the Chicago Blackhawks to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Its a real wonder how many more Pittsburgh could have won if Mario hadn’t been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma the next season. Lemieux had success after returning from cancer, but the Penguins just couldn’t get back to where they were, despite making the playoffs 5 more years in a row.


4. Detroit Redwings

Stanley Cup Champs 96, 97

Yes, the Wings and Penguins both won 2 cups in the 90’s but the Wings get the better spot because of their unreal regular seasons. The Red Wings also appeared in 3 cups, losing in 94′. Its hard to believe that before Detroit won in 96, they had the leagues longest title drought. The teams were full of Hall of Famers, and the teams success continued into the 2000’s winning twice.


3. Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl Champs 92, 93, 95

Despite numerous internal issues the Cowboys were simply too good to fail, at least they thought. If Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson could have co existed, there has to be some wonder as to how many more titles they could have won. The team was filled with Hall of Fame players and the Cowboys earned the nickname “America’s Team”.  Winning that many titles in that span is extremely difficult to do and has only been done by the Patriots of the 00’s.



2. Chicago Bulls

NBA Champs 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98

The Bulls won 6 championships during the 90’s, shouldn’t they be the #1 team? Actually, Michael Jordan won 6 championships, when he retired to play baseball, the Bulls didn’t do anything in the playoffs. So they are #2 because their success all hinged on one player. Pippen, Rodman, and Horace Grant all played parts at different times, but Jordan was the key.  Two different 3 peats, that’s extremely impressive, but it almost hurts their cause and makes the NBA look weak. Also hurting their ranking is that they aren’t the only dynasty in NBA history, there’s a lot actually, too many to be honest. Loses the league a lot of credibility that one team just dominates each era. In the 50s the Minneapolis Lakers won 5 titles, the 60’s the Boston Celtics 9, the 80’s Lakers won 5, the 90’s the bulls obviously won 6, the 00’s Lakers won 5 and Golden State has already won 3 in the 2010’s. So since the 50’s the 70’s are the only decade without a dynasty. So are the Bulls 6 championships really that impressive?


1. New York Yankees

World Series Champions 96, 98, 99

I don’t like the Yankees as much as the next guy, but they were really good in the 90s. The 98 Yankees are widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest teams in baseball history, compiling a then-AL record 114 regular season wins against just 48 losses and then sweeping the Padres in the 98 World Series. Their 125 combined regular and postseason wins is an MLB single-season record. Unlike the Bulls of the 90’s the Yankees had a lot of competition and easily could have been swapped on this list by the Braves who they played twice, the Blue Jays also won 2 titles during that time. The steroid era was the most competitive in baseball history, and the team featured numerous Hall of Fame players, among some of the greatest of all time, such a Derek Jeter and Mariano Riveria.



Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Week 2 proved that evaluating a season based on one game is crazy. So now that we have another weeks of games, lets see where teams have landed.

32. Buffalo Bills

Wow these guys are bad, what else is there to say. The Cardinals are quickly catching up to the worst, but Buffalo remains here because THEY HAD A FREAKIN GUY RETIRE AT HALFTIME!!

31. Arizona Cardinals

I honestly didn’t think they would be this bad. I’m usually against starting rookies right away but how can this get worse. Fitzgerald doesn’t have many years left, let Rosen have a hall of fame target to throw to for as long as possible. David Johnson is also being wasted, that will happen when you have a dumpster fire at quarterback. Nathan Peterman was at the top of my most hated quarterback list, but Sam Bradford is skyrocketing up that list.

30. Detroit Lions

Ummmm How much are they paying Matthew Stafford? Obviously too much, that’s the answer. He didn’t play terrible this week, but its still his fault, because now they cant afford a defense.  They got a new coach for a reason, but Patricia better figure it out quick. At least Arizona and Buffalo can be optimistic because the have young promising quarterbacks, the Lions are in a full spiral with nothing to look forward too.

29. New York Giants

Hey Eli…bro, seriously…retire already man. OBJ and Barkley are being wasted as talents with Eli at the helm.  The offensive line is garbage, i get it, but once again, if they weren’t paying Eli and OBJ so much maybe they could afford someone decent. Do you see the trend here. They are going to blow up for 50 points against someone, eventually, in week 14 or 15, maybe.

28. Oakland Raiders

How many years into Gruden’s massive contract do you think hes going to make it? I say 2, calling it now. Oakland had that game against the Broncos and blew it, that says something about the attitude in the locker room. You have to lock it down and close out a game, that’s why they brought Gruden in wasn’t it?

27. Houston Texans

This team was getting picked for the Super Bowl and Watson was in talks as a dark horse for the MVP. Ok now lets get back to reality, they beat the Titans in every stat, but the finals score. This team could easily win 8 or 9 games if they figure it out, but they just lost to a Mariota-less Titans team, they have to figure some things out.

26. Seattle Seahawks

I thought about putting them at 32, I really did., but in 2015 they started 0-2 and made the playoffs. This team has a knack for turning things around and ill give them a chance to do that. The offensive line is terrible, which is a common factor in these bad teams. Lets also remember that the 2015 team was a good team that started 0-2, just had some things to adjust, I don’t think this is that team.

25. New York Jets

Turnovers…turnovers. Sam Darnold is going to have nightmares of that one word. They outgained Miami, but then instead of points, gave the ball away. That’s going to lose games in the NFL.

24. Cleveland Browns

This team should be 2-0 but that’s how football works. The Browns are cursed, but they show so much potential, eventually they will win a game. Things don’t seems to be looking up with the trade of Josh Gordon, but only time will tell if the Dawg Pound will ever celebrate a victory.

23. Washington Redskins

Washington exposed Arizona for how bad they really are, then got exposed themselves. They didn’t run into a buzz saw, the Colts weren’t that good either, sloppy game won by the team who was a little less sloppy. Just sloppy, think they miss Kirk Cousins?

22. Indianapolis Colts

They won a game, end of analysis. It wasn’t pretty but the defense shut down Washington when it was time, the redzone. Those are good baby steps to be making, learn to hold the lead and win. Next step can be making it look pretty.

21. Tennessee Titans

The Titans got out gained in every aspect, but they won. They also did it with a back up quarterback, so no real reason to complain here. Gabbert was about as average as it could get and didn’t make any mistakes. Should be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum when Mariota comes back.

20. Chicago Bears

This team can be good and surprise people. If Mitchell Trubisky and the offense can find the same sort of consistency and come close to matching the defense’s level of play, then this could be a very dangerous football team. Its more than a fact that the defense is filthy and Mack is worth the money, now they needs to round out the edges.

19. San Francisco 49ers

They won, but its not a great sign going into next week against the Chiefs. The Lions eventually got back in the game and that team sucks. They need to put teams away, I still think this is a playoff team, Garoppolo looked good here and so did the running game. Those two factors will have to continue being consistent for the rest of the year.

18. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are good in the trenches, that’s never a bad problem to have. They just don’t have anyone to throw the ball to. They’re going to lose to the offensive juggernauts but grind out and win a lot of other games, just like this one.

17. New Orleans Saints

How the mighty have fallen, the Saints could be 0-2 right now if Cleveland had a kicker.  This team is good enough to rumble off 8 straight wins, but for now they are 1-1. The defense has to get better and that’s not an over night fix.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers

The final score does not reflect how bad Pittsburgh got beat Sunday. The Chiefs dominated them, they crept into the game late but there wasn’t enough time. A tie with the Browns, now getting slaughtered, neither are good signs for the season. The Steelers would be more entertaining as a reality show at this point.

15. San Diego Chargers

Lets not all get back on the Charger bandwagon, here people. They beat the Bills, that’s it. This team has all the potential in the world, the coming weeks will be the real test, not the Bills.

14. Baltimore Ravens

As it turns out, Baltimore’s Week 1 pounding of the Buffalo Bills may have said a lot more about how bad the Bills are than how good the Ravens are. The final score of Thursday’s game isn’t indicative of just how soundly the Ravens were pounded by the Bengals early on in that game. Once inside linebacker C.J. Mosley left the field with a knee injury, a Baltimore defense that looked dominant against Buffalo had no answer against the Bengals. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco also took a big step backward. Yes, Flacco threw for 376 yards, but he completed less than 60 percent of his passes and turned the ball over three times. In conclusion, this is proof not to over react after 1 damn game.

13. Carolina Panthers

Atlanta and Carolina are an underrated rivalry, they beat the crap out of each other. Carolina had a huge opportunity to put Atlanta in an 0-2 hole, but now they back to even with each other. They will continue to do this for the rest of history, or until Ryan and Newton leave at least. The Falcons were battered and bruised this really should have been a game they won.

12. Atlanta Falcons

See my above rant about Carolina and Atlanta beating each other up. The Falcons over came injury and have bounced back to 1-1. It was a closely fought game by two teams that gained almost identical yardage, but the Falcons made the plays they had to to avoid the dreaded 0-2 hole. These injuries could come back to bite the Falcons or they can use it as motivation.

11. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are undefeated. They may be the worst undefeated team in the league, but is that really the worst thing that could happen? Keenum wasn’t pretty but got the ball in areas they could score, he really needs to cut down the interceptions. Denver is finding away to win and thats all fans can really hope for.

10. Miami Dolphins

Start putting some respect on Miami’s name. They are finding ways to win, thats not too bad. The Dolphins ran for more yards than Ryan Tannehill passed for at the Meadowlands. Miami was outgained by the Jets, 362-257. And yet, thanks in large part to three Jets turnovers, the Dolphins managed to eke out a win. Lets wait to crown them a playoff team until they play the Patriots in a few weeks, but for now enjoy the top 10.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitz-Magic is real and alive in Tampa. All Fitz did was throw for 402 yards and four more scores as the Bucs raced out to a 27-7 lead and then held on for one of the week’s most surprising outcomes—again. The Eagles didn’t play terrible, Tampa just looked really good. I’m very much on the edge of my seat waiting for what is to come.

8. Green Bay Packers

This was 2 elite teams going head to head. Crosby had a chance to win it late, but 52 yard kicks aren’t the easiest things to make. Ties suck, but Green Bay knows they can hang with anyone now. They have possibly had the 2 toughest opening games out of anyone in the league. The only criticism is that they had a lead most of the game and let it go, but then again it was against the Vikings, so its a win-win or lose-lose however you look at it.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

No way this team is for real right? Over the next month, the Bengals play at Carolina and Atlanta before hosting the Dolphins and Steelers. Three of those teams made the playoffs in 2017, and the Bengals have lost their last six match ups with Pittsburgh. The ongoing debate about whether the Bengals are contenders or pretenders is likely going to be settled over that span.

6. New England Patriots

The Pats just got a wake up call….so they traded for Josh Gordon. Time will tell if this brings them back to life, but with how good some of these other AFC teams are playing, Bill & Brady better work up some of that magic.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

They got torched in the air by Fitz-Magic, but is this because Tampa has been so good or the Eagles are all of a sudden bad? Teams lose games, that happens, and Philly lost to a good Tampa team. Foles also played well, but it was too late for any real comeback. People want Wentz back and it looks like that time has come, so we will see if that shifts an attitude in the Eagles locker room. This is a very good team, no one in the league will sleep on them just because of this lose.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

This team is legit, they are extremely talented and dare i say it….Bortles is looking real good. Leonard Fournette is out, so the Jags had to throw and Bortles did not disappoint. They plan and simple kicked New England’s ass, and getting revenge on the AFC title game is just what they needed to hit that next gear. The score does not give justice to how good Jacksonville looked.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Is six touchdowns good? It sounds good. For the second straight game, the Kansas City offense was an absolute juggernaut. Mahomes threw touchdown strikes to five different receivers. Over the first three starts of his NFL career, Mahomes has thrown 10 touchdown passes—an NFL record. As the season goes on the holes in the defense will become more of an issue, should be very interesting how Andy Reid adjust.

2. Minnesota Vikings

Rookie kicker Daniel Carlson had a pair of opportunities in overtime to first give Minnesota a lead and then win the game as the clock hit triple zeros. The not-so-special special teams ruined a phenomenal outing from Cousins, who threw for 425 yards. Spoiled a chance for the Vikings to send a message that they’re the team to beat in the NFC. The Vikes signed the best kicker available, in Dan Bailey, so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

1. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams haven’t played anyone yet, but who they’ve played, they’ve dominated. That’s exactly what a Super Bowl caliber team is supposed to do. They are firing on all cylinders, Todd Gurley looks like an MVP and Jared Goff isn’t far behind. McVay has this team rolling, just have to keep the train on the tracks

Best Fictional Movie Character Athletes for Each Sport

Movies have been made about just every sport we can think of, we grow to love these characters. But who is the best in their respective sports, we take a look. The only real criteria for this is that person has to be fictional, tons of true stories have been made, we already know how great they are.


Honorable menton:

Chubbs Peterson (Happy Gilmore)

Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore)

Roy McAvoy (Tin Cup)

Danny Noonan, Ty Webb, (Caddy Shack)

Winner: Happy Gilmore

Gilmore is the G.O.A.T., the guy didn’t even know how to golf at first. He was a hockey player that decided to golf, that makes it even more impressive. His long drive was on point, and he adjusted his short game to win. That’s the markings of a real pro, with the memory of Chubbs on his mind Gilmore would win a green jacket. Oops I meant Gold jacket, who really gives a shit. Either way Gilmore was a character he drove up attendance and ratings for the PGA. He did more for the game than any other character.


Honorable mentions

Air Bud

Bugs Bunny (Space Jam)

All the players from Blue Chips

Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game)

Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle (White Men Can’t Jump)

Winner: Jackie Moon

I shouldn’t even have to explain this, but I will. Jackie was an owner, coach and player, that’s so much pressure! His team got robbed of becoming an NBA team, people dont forget they got 4th place. I’d say Monix and Clarence played key parts on the team but none of that would have happened without “Love Me, Sexy”


Honorable mentions

I love baseball movies and my honorable mentions could go on for days. Movies like Bull Durham, Major League, Angels in the Outfield, Rookie of the Year, Sandlot, A League of Their Own, Little Big League, Bad News Bears, this goes on, so ill just skip straight to the winner. Don’t forget about Kenny Powers either, he was on tv show, but still its Kenny F’in Powers.

Winner: Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

He is fast, smart and can make good contact with the ball. And judging from the long scene where The Jet is running from The Beast, Rodriguez has had stamina and agility from a young age. There are not many movie shortstops, or players in general, who can compete with Rodriguez. Plus Rodriguez grows up to have an absolutely amazing stache with the Dodgers.


Honorable mention (Don’t forget that “Remember the Titans” was true story)

Willie Beaman (Any Given Sunday)

Megget (Longest Yard)


Becky “Ice Box” O’Shea – (LITTLE GIANTS)

Shane Falco – (The Replacements)

Winner: Bobby Boucher (Waterboy)

He literally had quarterbacks begging for their lives at the line of scrimmage. In his first football game he ever played, Bobby set the NCAA record with 16 sacks in a single game against West Mississippi. The guy is an absolute unit and has an amazing football sense, he sees the field like Ray Lewis and is a leader in the locker room. Remember when Bobby Boucher showed up at half time and the MudDogs won the Bourbon Bowl? Do Ya?


Honorable Mention (There’s so many just like baseball, but for this ill do a top 10, no particular order)

Reggie Dunlop (Slap Shot)

Gunnar Stahl (D2: The Mighty Ducks)

Gordon Bombay (Mighty Ducks Franchise)

John Biebe (Mystery, Alaska)

Derek Sutton (Youngblood)

Connor Banks (Mystery, Alaska)

Xavier LaFlamme (Goon)

Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney (The Mighty Ducks)

Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson (D2: The Mighty Ducks)

Winner: Dean Youngblood (Youngblood)

For true hockey fans this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Its widely argued in the hockey community, but this guy is always right at the top.

Youngblood was one of the purest goal scorers on any roster of any team in any hockey movie. After all, how else would a skinny kid who can’t fight make a team in a Canadian Junior Hockey League? Dean’s goal-scoring ability translated to junior hockey, but it took him a while until his physical play improved. Youngblood demonstrated the total package in the last game of the season. His penalty shot goal sealed the championship for the Mustangs, and his victory in a fight against Racki cemented his position as a true all-around player.

NFL Power Ranking Week 1

Is it too soon for NFL rankings? Absolutely not, people are making mock draft for 5 years in the future, me doing this ranking is nothing compared to the crazies out there.

32. Buffalo Bills

Bro…Peterman sucks. I feel for the guy, but hes had his chances. I dont want to get political but how does Kaepernick not have job and this guys does? I mean this from a pure football perspective, this also goes for Johnny Manziel. Theres guys out there without NFL jobs who could do astronomically better. I get that he’s just here until Allen is ready but damn. This was a playoff team with Tyrod Taylor, now they are bottom-feeders.

31. Oakland Raiders

Let me be honest, they’re this low because I think it was beyond stupid they traded Mack. This team could also turn it around and make the playoffs. They are so hard to read, but its all on Carr’s shoulders and he proved it might be too much Monday. He falls, they all fall. Plenty of time to turn this around though.

30. Detroit Lions

This team just threw up every red flag possible. Stafford seems like a good guy, but is he really worth all that money? They got blown out by the freakin’ Jets!! Hit the panic button, this should be an interesting season in Detriot.

29. Tennessee Titans

Ok, these guys are not this bad, and they barely lost. Buuutttt they lost Delanie Walker and Taylor Lewan suffered a concussion. Those are big blows, you have to hope Lewan comes back soon cause Mariota needs him. Mariota also seemed to bang up his elbow, luck for them the rest of the division didnt play great either.

28. Arizona Cardinals

This was embarrassing, and they should probably be higher, but they have some extremely talented players and suffered no long term injuries. Bradford needs to tread carefully but also play to win. That’s a tough formula and it could be Rosen’s turn before we know it.

27. Cleveland Browns

The Believeland Browns tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which means they didnt lose. Thats most positive thing to some out of that city in a while. Until the Browns start putting together wins, you have to assume they are still the same old Browns. Prove me wrong Cleveland. Lebron’s gone, Stipe lost his UFC title, and the Cleveland Browns didnt lose their first game, what a wild year so far. Baby steps though, its safe to note that Myles Garrett is a stud, so if the defense does their part this could be a respectable squad.

26. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck only got sacked twice, that’s the biggest news the Colts had. He also didnt play terrible, but the defense may be an issue. They fell apart and should have won. Should have, means nothing in the NFL, its still a lose. This team either realizes they can make small adjustments or they get in their own heads and lose alot of games. The ultimate test for a new head coach and a healthy Andrew Luck.

25. Dallas Cowboys

Hot take!! Dak Prescott isnt really that good, now that his offensive line is banged up, he proved he couldn’t adapt. Unless they get back to form quick, this season will be in the trash, much to most of the leagues delight.

24. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s offensive line is a dumpster fire, and this team will struggle. Remember when Seattle was the leagues team to beat? People are quickly forgetting those times, you gotta feel for Russell who tried to make the most of what he had but it just wasn’t there.

23. New York Giants

Jacksonville should have won by more, they under preformed. I’m giving no credit to New York and by next week they could be alot higher on this list. On the other hand Barkley could live up the hype and blow up. Manning just seems to not care anymore, even with all the talent around him. Really seems like time for him to hang them up.

22. New York Jets

Let the over hyping begin, east coast bias begin. They Jets blew out a bad team, lets wait until they get real competition. Its only realistic teams will figure out Darnold, its just how well he adjust. There’s always surprise playoff teams, but this isnt one of them. Keep it in your pants Jets fans.

21. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins could start the season 3-0, that’s completely realistic (at Jets and vs Raiders), before meeting the Patriots. Lets not throw them in the playoffs, because the won some wild weather delayed game. This could be an average team that steals a few wins from playoff teams, that’s about it.

20. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy G didn’t earn that money week one, that’s for sure. Losing McKinnon may also be a way bigger deal than previously thought. Lets not totally panic, they did play Minnesota who looks unbeatable right now. As the season goes on we will see who the 9ers really are.

19. San Diego Chargers

Rivers, Rivers, Rivers just cant beat KC. This team was hyped to be a sleeper Super Bowl pick. They still could be, but they have to find an idenity. Bosa will be back soon, which will help the pass rush, but the real concern is how didn’t Rivers carve up a weak KC secondary? Dropped passes didnt help but Rivers is looked at by many as a Hall of Famer, he needs to figure it out. They cant keep finishing 9-7 and barely out of the playoffs.

18. Washington Redskins

Welcome Alex Smith, he did exactly what he did in KC. Good news for Washington, that means win. If they string together a few wins early, we have to take them serious, especially if Peterson continues to roll.

17. Denver Broncos

Case Keenum threw 3 interceptions, but also threw 3 tds. If he can manage to not throw interceptions, then that quickly moves Denver to the top right along side KC. They have the skill and if it comes together then this team could be a dark horse contender. The AFC West is tough and they all like to beat each other up, so if they can weather the storm then Denver might surprise people.

16. Chicago Bears

They got beat by Jesus…I mean Aaron Rodgers. This team has tons of potential and a stud defense, even before adding Mack. Cut them a break after this game, lets just see how they rebound. not sealing the game means they have a ways to go, but the future is bright.

15. Cincinnati Bengals

This win is exactly what Cincy needed headed into their next game with the Ravens. When Dalton is on, hes good, and long story short he was on. good showing from the defense and running back Joe Mixon, give the Bengals a lot of positives. They have short week to prepare, so two hot teams colliding should be fun to watch.

14. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons lost, I get it, but by college football standards this is a quality loss against the defending Super bowl champs. Are there things to work on? Yes, obviously, but Atlanta isn’t hitting the panic button. Losing Keanu Neal for the season is a concern and Devonta Freeman being hurt doesn’t help either. Matt Ryan will bounce back, but will Atlanta ever get over that hump, we’ll see its a long season.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fitz-Magic!!! Who expected that outcome with Jameis out? The defense was terrible, that’s a cause for concern, but the fact they escaped that shootout in the Big Easy is a blessing. No way they score that much every week so the defense needs to step up, if JPP cant suit up the Bucs will struggle even more to hold opponents. They are ranked this way for now, as long as Fitz can steer the ship until Winston returns.

12. Houston Texans

They played the Patriots on the road, so what do you really expect. Watson looked shaky, but that can be fixed with time. The defense couldn’t get to Brady, that will guaranteed to be fixed, because of their personnel. Houston does not have a problem, they just played a great team.

11. New Orleans Saints

I’m calming down on my thoughts of the Saints being a Super Bowl contender. The Minnesota Miracle, now this slugfest with Bucs, makes you wonder if they’ve just lost their edge. The offense can still ball out, just did the first team defense even show up? Drew Brees has a way of figuring things out, so hopefully him and Sean Payton can rebound.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Nevermind who they played and tied. Big Ben had 4 turnovers and they gave up a 4th quarter lead. The Steelers are in the top 10 because if any team will put this game in the past, its them. Don’t forget that they are still undefeated this year, and James Conner was a beast. They play a tough KC team, who they always seems to have their number. So a big win against KC will make all the yinzers quickly forget about that week one tie with the Browns.

9. Carolina Panthers

Losing Greg Olsen is huge, but Carolina has a lot of positives in their dominant win over Dallas. They played Panther football, gaining almost the same numbers on the ground as they did the air. New Orleans and Atlanta losing was also a nice touch.

8. Green Bay Packers

Sunday night was amazing and added to Aaron Rodgers legend, but Packers fan have to hope that this isn’t a long term injury. Rodgers getting beat up doesnt look good for the offensive line, but he proved if anyone can over come that its him. The season hinders on if he is healthy.

7. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens looked like the best team on the planet, they made the Bills look like a Pop Warner team. One blow out doesn’t define a season, but it helps get it off to a good start. This blowout also brings another point to the surface, is Joe Flacco elite? All will be realized soon enough.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags aren’t the most exciting team in the world, but what they do works. Smash on defense and don’t turn the ball over. Leonard Fournette left with an injury and the running game barely lost a step, but the team has to hope he comes back. Expect alot of these same results from Jacksonville this year.

5. St. Louis Rams

Win now, worry about money later. This will come back to bite the Rams, but they obviously don’t care. Theyre stacked and it showed, the biggest question is can this team gel quick enough to win a championship. They are going to break teams down with their speed, so eventually the Rams will get a rude awakening , until then LA’s new show is a hit. They showed great half time adjustments which is key to any team.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

All any one could talk about was San Diego, so the Chiefs shut them all up…and quickly. Tyreek Hill struck fast and often. His buddy Patrick Mahomes wasn’t afraid to let him work his magic either. Mahomes will eventually have to distribute the ball better, but he didn’t have to Sunday. The defense was shaky and if anyone has followed the Chiefs this off-season, they would have known that was expected. They made plays when they had to, and that’s the biggest take away. This is a new era in KC, its just a matter of Andy Reid getting over that playoff hump. This team will be good in the regular season, just a matter of how good.

3. Minnesota Vikings

This team should be #1, and my reasoning for not having them at spot is that I don’t want to jinx them. Cousins looks to fit extremely well with this team, making them that much better than last year. This is the Vikings year, barring any big injuries. The 2 teams ahead of them were in the Super bowl last year, that’s not bad company to be in. Defense, offense, what cant this team do?

2. New England Patriots

These guys aren’t going anywhere, they had one of the toughest test of any week one team and did exactly what they had to do to win. The evil empire continues its reign of terror and after the Super Bowl lose, they have new motivation. That’s a scary thought, only thing to improve would be the running game, but I’m not telling them that.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

If they keep winning with Foles, until Wentz gets back, then they may be unstoppable. It was sloppy at times, but once again, they’re playing with a back up quarterback. This team knows how to win the big one now, so if they can grind for just a few more weeks, then it will take alot to knock them off their porch. Also losing a few games before Wentz is healthy won’t be the worst thing in the world, but the Eagles are soaring high right now, its wonder who will bring them down.