Every UFC Champions Best Available Fight

We’re looking at every UFC champions most lucrative fight option and if it doesn’t match up, we look at what it should be when money isn’t the driving force. We wont discuss either flyweight since the best fight for the women’s is already happening and Dana looks to be trashing the men’s. 

Women’s Strawweight – Rose Namajunas

Biggest Money Fight & Most Logical- Jessica Andrade or Claudia Gadelha (if she wins at 231)

Lets be honest the Strawweights aren’t a draw at this point, but would make for an exciting ESPN fight night or co-main with another title. The division could be boosted with Rose beating one of these women. Both lost to Joanna, so for Rose to establish herself she needs to beat the best the division has. Rose has beat Joanna twice but other than that the highest rank shes beat is #6. Jessica gets the bump her because she beat Claudia recently, but it would be hard to argue that either would come in as that much of an underdog. 

Women’s Bantamweight – Amanda Nunes

Biggest Money Fight & Most Logical- Cyborg

The best fight for this division is already scheduled, Nunes and Cyborg are the best of the best. I honestly don’t see Nunes standing a chance, so this looks to crown Cyborg as the most dominate women of all time. 

Men’s Bantamweight – TJ Dillashaw

Biggest Money Fight & Most Logical- Dominick Cruz

This may be the easiest one, Dillashaw hasn’t avenged his lose to Cruz yet. If Cruz can win his return to the octagon, you have to make this fight. Cruz will go down as one of the best to ever do it and he owns a title win over TJ. If both fighters win their next fights, what other fight is there to make?

Featherweight- Max Holloway

Biggest Money Fight- Conor McGregor 

If you want the most money, you fight Conor, the former champion at this division. This is a no brainier, but also seems like Conor doesn’t want to move down again in weight, so its not logical. 

Most Logical- Brian Ortega

Another fight that is already booked, this is a collision course, Ortega is a fresh contender that the UFC needs. We can’t keep feeding veterans like Aldo and Edgar. If Max can stay healthy this could become a big rivalry. 

Lightweight- Khabib Nurmagomedov

Biggest Money- Conor McGregor

Duh, a rematch would set the world on fire, we don’t need to go through all the reasons why. Everyone knows what happened that night. This may be the biggest fight the UFC could ever make, other than maybe the trilogy with Conor and Diaz. It seems they want Conor to go out and get a win, because at this point he needs it for his reputation. 

Most Logical- Tony Ferguson

Tony could be the only man that can stop Khabib, and I’m very serious about that. He can knock you out and submit you. Tony is dangerous and has legit beef that he owns the Lightweight crown. At battle for the throne would draw a lot of attention. 

Welterweight- Tyron Woodley 

Biggest Money- Georges St-Pierre

This is the pay day Tyron has been looking for and he’s earned it. The guy catches a lot of shit, but has been a great champion. St-Pierre has drawing power and Tyron is just the foe to bring out his best. 

Most Logical- Colby Covington or  Kamaru Usman

Colby is a close second for biggest money and would be pure entertainment trading verbal jabs with Tyron. Would also make for a challenging fight, but if you poll real fight fans, the Usman fight looks dynamite. This won’t sell well on PPV as a main event, because Usmans name isn’t that big yet, but damn would it be a whirl wind. Plus Usman and Covington have beef so a future fight between them is also big. For now let Woodley have Colby. 

Middleweight – Robert Whittaker 

Biggest Money- Anderson Silva

Ok, so Silva has to beat the Stylebender Israel Adesanya, but if he does that guarantees him a title shot. Silva is old school and consider top 5 best ever, so Whittaker could benefit from that spot light. 

Most Logical- Israel Adesanya

Stylebender is the UFC’s most intriguing prospect and with a win over Anderson Silva, would give him the profile to propel him to a title fight. Whittaker has to get past Gastelum first, but Israel is the next best fight. I guess what I’m saying is UFC 234 sets up the next Middleweight title fight, almost like they planned it that way. 

Light Heavyweight- Daniel Comier

Biggest Money- Jon Jones

This is the sports best rivalry, or at least top 2 with Conor and Diaz. If Jones wins again then it would signal DC retiring, hell if DC wins then he would probably retire. I personally hope they don’t fight again, but this is the easiest to sell. 

Most Logical- Strip DC (Jones vs Gustafsson)

This fight is also already happening, because it should. Jones and Dc is a better rivalry, but Jones Gus is a better fight. These guys put on a marvel last time they fought and it can be easily said it was Jones toughest fight. Some people even argue that Gus won, so this next go round is huge. 

Heavyweight- DC

Biggest Money- Brock Lesnar

Easy pick. Who is the only person to out sell Conor Mcgregor? Its Brock. The guy may have a checkered past with steroids, but this fight for Dc is a dream. He could easily retire afterwards and live happily. This has highest selling UFC written all over it. 

Most Logical- Stipe Miocic

Give the guy what he deserves, for fuck sake, this pisses me off. Stipe defended his title more than any heavyweight ever. The guy deserves a rematch more than anyone in UFC history, but the possibility of Brock Lesnar is blocking that path. I feel for Stipe and i wouldn’t take another fight unless its for the title. Cain Velasquez is another choice for DC but he needs a warm up fight before that happens. 


Apparently we’re making trades in MMA

This trade for DJ and Asken has shook the MMA world, but will it become common place? Demetrious is the most decorated champion in UFC history, but was never a big ppv draw, Asken has been widely known as the best fighter (not named Fedor) to never fight in UFC. Asken being added to the welterweight division opens a flood gate of new matchups, DJ getting a new start as well, after just losing his title. But lets look at other possible trades that could shake the world.

Jose Aldo for Ryan Bader

Bader has had a career resurgence since going to Bellator, so throw him back in there to a top heavy Light Heavyweight division and you got something. The division is in need of new contenders and Bader would likely get a title shot right away or a fight with someone like Jimi Manuwa. Aldo has been lost in the shuffle at featherweight and is one of the greatest of all time. Aldo vs Patricio Pitbull would be one of Bellator’s biggest fights ever.

Rampage Jackson and King Mo for Stipe Miocic

Rampage wants to come back to the UFC and Stipe isn’t happy about his title rematch situation. Mo on the other hand is kind of a throw in, because it’s not a fair trade other wise. Rampage isn’t the same fighter but he brings a lot of new fights for up and coming guys. Stipe vs Fedor is the end game fight if he goes to Bellator, that would do some PPV numbers for sure. This trade is simply to give 2 unhappy fighters some new opportunities and gives the UFC a chance to see if they can market an exciting veteran fighter in Mo. Mo vs anyone in the top 20 of the Light Heavyweight division would make a great ESPN fight night.

Holly Holm for Dillon Danis

Come one, you dont want to see Khabib vs Danis? You’re lying to yourself . Holm is lost in the shuffle in the UFC and they really don’t need her. Bellator could really use a female fighter to market around, Holm would be perfect. Danis wouldn’t get Khabib right away, but just the fact that they are in the same company is intriguing. Even having them fight on the same card is a must watch.

Dustin Poirier is out of UFC 230 due to injury

It’s a wonder if the UFC knew about this and made the Derrick Lewis/DC fight because of it. Derrick Lewis mentioned he didn’t think he deserved a title fight, so why would the UFC make it? Well it seems like they knew they needed a main event.

On the subject of his opponent, Nate Diaz, what will his next move be? It’s not smart business for Diaz to take a replacement fight, he’s in the realm of  big fights, some people even thought Poirier wasn’t big enough. You know what? Screw it, give Diaz the Khabib fight, you can bash it all you want but you know you’re going to watch it.

Also lets be real, this card is fine, because it still has its main event. DC and the Black Beast is going to be fun and fun is just what the UFC needs right now. The Black Beast may not be the super hero the UFC deserves right now, but its the one they need.