Amari Cooper to the Cowboys and Patrick Peterson wants out of Arizona

The Cowboys stunned everyone trading a first round pick for Amari Cooper. That gives Dallas a play maker and the Raiders, 3 first rounders and a lot of money of the books. Believe it or not this is a win win, especially since Oakland is in full rebuild. Hell, send Carr to Jacksonville…yea I said it, give the kid a fresh start.


The other news is, CB Patrick Peterson wanting to move out of Arizona, he is unhappy with the direction of the franchise. This would be a massive boost to a contender and there are a few that really need corner help. On paper it looks like KC is the best fit, scheme wise, but it sounds like he wants NOLA. The trade deadline could be waaaayyy more interesting than it has in the past.

Carlos Hyde Traded to the Jags..Fantasy Owners Scramble for Nick Chubb

The casual NFL fantasy owner (let’s call him Ted), is wondering why Frank just requested a trade for some Nick Chubb guy. “This guy has been on my bench all year, ESPN doesn’t even project him many points, sure ill trade him for Devonta Freeman!” Well Ted, you’re a damn moron, cause you just got played. Other leagues, Chubb may be a free agent, so owners across the country are taking bathroom trips to check and see their waiver wire position. Carlos Hyde is a hot commodity, but likely was already owned in most leagues, Chubb should be interesting for a struggling team to get a talented back. Hyde is owned in 94% of ESPN leagues, but Chubb is only owned in 20%. Hyde is a must start in Jacksonville, as well as Chubb in Cleveland. One trade has boosted 2 players to must fantasy start status, you don’t see that everyday.

Week 6 Power Rankings

32. Oakland Raiders (30)  31. Arizona Cardinals (31)

30. San Francisco 49ers (32)

ALL THESE TEAMS ARE BULKED TOGETHER. This isn’t the best draft to have a top pick, but none of these team need a QB, which is weird. These will be the teams who we’re talking about come draft time, until then, here’s to seeing if they can spoil anyone’s playoff hopes with an upset. I’ll give it to San Fran they pushed Green Bay to the brink. nfl-oakland-raiders-london-credit-marcus-marsden-3.jpg

29. New York Giants (27)

Odell isn’t happy, but he’s playing with a potential hall of fame QB. I get that he hasn’t been great, but keep it in the locker room. This team has real issues and it doesn’t look like Ben McAdoo was the issue.

28. Indianapolis Colts (28)

Luck did throw four touchdown passes in Sunday’s loss to the Jets, but it was otherwise a game to forget. Luck completed 23 of 43 passes for 301 yards and wasn’t sacked, but he threw three interceptions. This has been a forgettable season in Indy, they stay in games but can’t win, its a vicious cycle.

27. Buffalo Bills (26)

The Bill’s just aren’t good, they’ve somehow squeaked out 2 wins this year, so there’s that. Nathan Peterman poked his head into the game this week with an injury to Allen, he promptly reminded everyone why he was benched in the first place. If Allen is out for an extended period of time, it looks like Buffalo is already preparing another quarterback (Derek Anderson). At this point, another quarterback won’t help. Plus, why don’t they just cut Kelvin Benjamin, guys a cancer, he’s proved it everywhere hes gone.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18)

Throw a pass against these guys, I bet you complete it. Winston played very well and the offense seems to be clicking with him back. The defense is just so bad, it doesn’t look good in Tampa.

25. Atlanta Falcons (29)

There’s not much to say about Atlanta, they won in a shootout against an equally bad defense. This doesn’t seem like a turning point game, just a game they were lucky to win. Injuries have plagued this season, now with Freeman out, it just gets worse.

24. Denver Broncos (22)

For the second time in a month, the Broncos gave an undefeated team all it could handle. For the second time in a month, Denver came up short. And now, the Broncos have dropped four in a row after winning their first two. This team is falling apart and fans are calling for Keenum’s head.

23. Detroit Lions (21)

Detroit’s next two games (at Miami, vs. Seattle) appear winnable, and no one’s running away with the NFC North as of yet. It’s possible this team could insert itself into the thick of the division race heading into a big two-week road trip to Minnesota and Chicago.

22. Cleveland Browns (15)

There’s a lot of promise in Cleveland, but this week proved that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s tons of upside on this team, but we have to be real that they need time. At least Believeland has something to believe in.

21. New York Jets (23)

The Jets may be contenders sooner than expected, this year doesn’t look to be it, but the amount of points they are putting up looks very promising. Who knows, depending on how everyone else plays this team could be sitting at 9 wins and a wild card, its not the craziest thing that’s ever happened.

20. Tennessee Titans (14)

The Titans had a bye week….oh nevermind. They just didn’t score any points. This team is impossible to figure out. Are they good or not?! Its very weird that they sit tied for first, but that’s how divisions work out.  This team could somehow squeak into the playoffs, just because everyone else is also bad.

19. Houston Texans (25)

Well last week I said the Texans would end up in first place, it happened way before I thought it would. The rest of the division is struggling and the Texans have rattled off 3 straight wins. Things are working great for a team that seemed dead in the water a few weeks ago.

18. Seattle Seahawks (20)

I said it a while ago, the Seahawks know how to figure things out, I just didn’t think this was the year they would do it. They quietly are becoming a threat. One week after a crushing two-point home loss to the Rams, the Seahawks took out their frustrations over that game on a hapless Oakland Raiders squad.

17. Dallas Cowboys (24)

Where did this Cowboys team come from! I wrote them call and considered them dead. They squashed Bortles, which isn’t hard, but them torched…and i mean torched, the “leagues best defense”.  Dak and Zeke looked unstoppable, then Beasley didn’t look half bad either. If these guys keep this up, watch out, especially as Philly struggles.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (17)

The Eagles aren’t perfect—the running game and pass defense remain areas of concern. This year’s squad, at the moment at least, probably isn’t as good as the Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII. But while the Redskins are all over the place, we’re not sure which Cowboys team we will get and the G-Men are just a mess, the Eagles are getting better by the week.

15. Carolina Panthers (7)

Lose the turnover battle, lose the war. This can be an elite NFL team, but 3-0 in turnovers and you’re looking at a loss. They’re looking at a wildcard, so they better figure things out quick. With all the talent on this team, there’s a good chance they will.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (8)

2 weeks in a row…2..they have zero offense and the defense has been exposed. KC wasn’t a surprise, but Dallas doing what they did, should be a huge wake up call. You have to score points, but you also have to stop people. This team is in danger of letting things spiral out of control. They’re lucky to be in the division they are, that’s the only plus.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (16)

One more big win, this team is back in the top 10. They are trending in the right direction, if they can stay drama free, the north is theirs. When Conner is hot, this team is among the leagues top 5. So many questions surround this team, so it makes it hard to push them up the list.

12. Green Bay Packers (13)

The team has a Week 7 bye, followed by a murderous two-game road-trip. At Los Angeles Rams. At New England Patriots. They better utilize this week, because the defense looked rough against a trash 49ers team. Rodgers can win any game he is in, that’s the biggest advantage for Green Bay.

11. Miami Dolphins (19)

I backed off on these guys, then Tannehill gets hurt. Season over…maybe not. Brock Osweiler was fantastic and he carved up an elite Bears defense. This could really be a turning point for this team. They continue to stick around the top. The wildcard is realistic for these guys, hell even maybe the division.

10. Chicago Bears (4)

Yea they lost to the team behind them, but the 2 loses have been close. They are still a very solid team who can compete with anyone in the league. The defense had a let down, this is the first one of the season, no reason to panic. The Bears have the Patriots, after that game we can really evaluate this team.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (5)

For the ninth time in their last 10 meetings and sixth straight time, the Steelers emerged victorious. At 4-2, the Bengals are still in first place. But with a trip to Kansas City looming next week and the Saints coming to town a few weeks from now, their days atop the division may be numbered.

8. Washington Redskins (11)

I will say this again, I don’t think they are a top 10 team on paper, but their wins the Panther and Packers are very impressive. They can very much win the division as well, which pushes them back into the top 10. Plus when AP is on, this team looks real good, he obviously the key to the success.

7. Minnesota Vikings (10)

The Vikings just don’t seem to be fully figuring it out, but they’re good enough to win games. If this team fully clicks and stops turning the ball over, they will return to the Super Bowl contenders they should be.

6. Baltimore Ravens (9)

The defense looked stellar, but next week they get New Orleans. Ray Lewis got his rocks off to this one. That will be a true test, but for now this team continues to win games they should. The Ravens have a knack for this type of thing, then all of a sudden…they’re in the playoffs.

5. San Diego Chargers (12)

The only 2 loses were to two of the leagues best teams, these guys are trending up. They may even catch the Chiefs, its crazy but it could happen. Some teams take a few weeks to start clicking and that seems to be San Diego. They deserve to be top 5 and should be considered a Super Bowl threat. We’ve heard this before but for now we need to take them seriously.

4. New Orleans Saints (6)

The Saints had a bye week, but moved up. This is because other teams have been exposed and dropped, you know what you get with the Saints. An average to below average defense and an elite top 5 offense. There’s a trend with some of these top teams, the defense isn’t great but the offenses of the Saints, Pats and Chiefs are so next level it makes you forget about the other side of the ball.

3. New England Patriots (3)

Brady being Brady, Mahomes and the Chiefs gave him everything they could handle. Both team have defensive issues, but who doesn’t like an old fashioned shootout? The match-up with a better defense (Chicago) should be interesting, but good offenses vs good defenses have gone in the favor of offense more often than not this year.

2. KC Chiefs (2)

Yes, they lost to the Pats, but their other wins are much more impressive than the Patriots, so no reason to move them out of the 2 spot. They gave Brady all they could handle, teams have to lose to learn. This very well could become that learning moment, but damn the defense has to figure something out.

1. LA Rams (1)

After six weeks, the Los Angeles Rams are the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFL. This marks the ninth time the Rams have won their first six games in a season. Believe it or not, according to the Fox telecast of the game, no franchise has done it more. Without a doubt this is the leagues best team, but after 2 straight close games, it looks like the Rams first loss has to be around the corner. The thing about the NFL is that any team can win, so the Rams have to stay focused.

How is Nathan Peterman an NFL QB?

Peterman completed six of 12 pass attempts for 61 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions during Sunday’s 20-13 loss to the Texans. He came in for an injured Josh Allen on Sunday and did exactly what we expected. A career 3 td’s and 9 ints, how is this guys till employed? Apparently Derek Anderson is “learning the play book,” but is that any better? Landry Jones, Jay Cutler, Anderson and most notably Colin Kaepernick were all available. Anderson has the most connection to the offense, but it doesn’t look like anyone can turn this team around. People have been very vocal about this issue. The Bills are wasting one of the leagues best defenses, its so unfortunate, but the way the NFL goes.

Either way Peterman isn’t working out, if he hasn’t had many games then he flat out shouldn’t be on the field. If this is the excuse then he shouldn’t be playing, he should be sitting behind a veteran learning, just like most quarterbacks who don’t have experience.

Which NFL team has the most drama?

A few weeks into the season, some of these teams are one housewife away from a Bravo show. Actually lets be real, some of these teams are already Bravo shows. I’m going to rank the top 5.

5. New England Patriots

“If I’m going to do something at this point, it’s going to be because I enjoy it. The last couple years, a lot of parts about football weren’t enjoyable when they should have been,” Brady said in an epilogue of the “Tom vs. Time.” The drama surrounding the Pats at the beginning of this year was the talk of the NFL. Tom Brady’s personal trainer was banned from the Patriot’s locker room and obviously made Brady angry. Retirement rumors, and the Patriots early struggles really spurned the “Patriots are done” talks, but it seems they have started to figure things out.

4. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas legend Troy Aikman, says Dak Prescott needs to do more, “So, that limits them in some of the things that they’re able to do within their play-action, within their run game to that side, and then as it relates to Dak, yes, he needs to be more accurate with the football.” Says Aikman. Aikman is a god in Dallas, so him criticizing the Cowboys is sure to stir up drama. Then Jason Garrett punts on the 40 in over time and Houston beats them. Rumors of his firing are all over the place and can you really blame fans? Then there’s the big one, Dez Bryant, who’s not with the team anymore but continues to bash the organization. He has kept the Cowboys in the news and not in a good way.

3. Seattle Seahawks

At the beginning of the year Earl Thomas posted a lengthy statement on social media, saying he wants “certainty in regards to the upcoming years of my career,”  Thomas is entering the final year of his current deal signed before the 2014 season. He is scheduled to make $8.5 million in base salary in 2018. Forward to Earl suffering a season ending leg injury, that doesn’t sit well in the locker room. A once dominate Legion of Boom, no longer exist. Kam Chancellor retired, Richard Sherman got shipped out of town, and Earl Thomas is flipping off the sideline. Is anyone in control in Seattle? Players from a former Super Bowl champion team are dropping like flys, this isn’t a good thing, you don’t see that happening with other teams.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

One of their best players isn’t even showing up! That’s a pretty big deal. Then the league’s best wide receiver said the team should trade him, after fan criticism. People are calling for Mike Tomlin’s head, and the team has been up and down. The key here, if the Steelers keep losing then this drama will continue, but if they figure things out and win…this all goes away, for now. Le’Veon Bell not playing really hurts this team, but if he plays or they trade him could settle this drama very quickly. For now, the Steelers are in turmoil, but they are still a solid team.


1. New York Giants

Where do you begin with the Giants? The offensive line sucks, OBJ is a living temper tantrum, and Eli doesn’t seem to remember he’s an NFL quarterback. At least Saquon Barkley looks like a stud, but if the Giants dont build an offensive line in the next few years then he will be completely wasted. OBJ got paid, but was it too much to pay other player and make this team better? Will they have to spend a first round pick on a QB and wait for lineman to fall in their laps? The difference between this team and the Steelers is that winning heals wounds, but the Giants aren’t winning. This is only going to get worse.

Way Too Early Top 10 Mock Draft

We have no idea where this season will end up, so I’m purely predicting my top 10 picks.

1. Arizona Cardinals- Ed Oliver DT Houston

Its hard to believe Arizona will pass on such a stacked defensive line class, but dont be shocked to see them trade down and get an O-lineman.

2. San Francisco 49ers- Nick Bosa DE Ohio St

Nick Bosa has a tremendous skill set, and he was off to a great start in 2018 before injuring his knee. He should still be a top-five pick.

3. Oakland Raiders- Rashan Gary DE Michigan

Well you trade Khalil Mack so you need to replace him, they will likely go with even more defense with there other first round pick. They desperately need pass rushers so getting 2 in the first round should help.


4. Buffalo Bills- Johan Williams OT Alabama

Williams has been the most consistent tackle in the country so far this year. Buffalo drafted a quarterback, now they need to protect him, even if the Bills fall out of the top 4 they can still get a solid lineman. Most of the other teams drafting around them need defense.

5. Atlanta Falcons- Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

Atlanta needed to address their defense during last years draft but found wideout Calvin Ridley too good to pass up. Now its more evident than ever that they need help on D, this draft is stacked with ends, but Ferrell is the best one available at 5.

6. Indianapolis Colts- Derrick Brown DT Auburn

Colts need to go after the best player available, if there was a wideout or running back this high, I really think they would take a shot at them. Building the D is also smart and Brown is a monster. He projects just as high as Oliver, its really 1A and 1B…actually and 1C with Jeffery Simmons, out of Miss St. Big time tackles can make instant change to any defense so the Colts wouldn’t be wrong with this pick.



7. New York Giants- Drew Lock QB Mizzou

Finally a QB drafted, but will it be Lock? This spot is reserved for who ever comes out big in the combine. Right now it looks like Lock, but Justin Herbert out of Oregon is also a hot prospect right now. Times up for Eli and a new QB with all of the Giants weapons would be huge. Having star targets helps ease the transition to the NFL and if the Giants took the approach of the Chiefs and Mahomes, they could find themselves in a similar position sooner rather than later.



8. Dallas Cowboys- A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss

Dallas really needs this…and a tight end and welll a lot of stuff. Getting a play maker would be huge for the Cowboys, but they may go best available. There will certainly be stud defensive players available, but Brown’s not half bad.

9. Seattle Seahawks- Deionte Thompson S Alabama

Earl Thomas has likely played his final down in Seattle, and Kam Chancellor retired last off-season, so the Seahawks have to find some new members for Legion of Boom 2.0.
He has a great blend of size (6-2, 196), speed and athleticism. He’s been very productive replacing Minkah Fitzpatrick. After getting lit up by the Rams in week 5, it should be proof the Seahawks need secondary help.

10. New York Jets- Montez Sweat DE Mississippi St.

The Jets need an edge rusher and Montez is a stud. He could put on some more weight, but that’s what NFL teams do, they bulk players up. There’s still big time players available, but Sweat fits exactly what the Jets need. The offense looks solid right now, so this will be a defense pick no matter what.

Week 5 Power Rankings

32. San Francisco 49ers (27)

Without Jimmy G, this team is nothing and has completely given up, this just proves how important quarterbacks in this league. A big draft would help this team to the next level anyways, so just chalk this year up and build towards next. That doesn’t mean completely give up, just give guys chances that wouldn’t normally, try out new things in practice, treat this as a learning season.


31. Arizona Cardinals (32)

They are the leagues worst team and they beat the 49ers, sooooo now they’re second to worst. Don’t be shocked if this is the only game Arizona wins this year, they need a top 3 draft pick so they shouldn’t exactly be trying to rack up wins either.

30. Oakland Raiders (29)

Is this team getting worse or am I drunk? I shouldn’t be writing teams off so early in the season, but there are some dumpster fires and this is one of them.  I feel real bad for Carr, he was showing so much promise and then Gruden shows up. This is a tragic story of a team on the verge of being elite, now ends up being years away from any sort of winning.

29. Atlanta Falcons (22)

BARF! These guys suck, injuries to the defense, have crashed this squad. The Falcons seriously can’t stop anyone and facing a good Pitt offense, they showed it to the world. Both teams were struggling so this game was a true test of grit, and the Falcons showed they’ve just given up. Time to start scouting the top of the draft, because this team was looking low first round, now they’re looking top 10.

28. Indianapolis Colts (25)

They have been competitive every week and have a trio of winnable games up next (at the Jets, Buffalo and at Oakland), but the NFL is all about results. They seem like the best 1-4 team in the league, but that’s nothing to brag about. These guys have 8-8 written all over them.

27. New York Giants (28)

They bumped up only because they got beat on a miracle 63 yard field goal, they were seconds away from beating a very good team. Lets not forget though, a lose is a lose. Add that in with OBJ, not being happy, this maybe a huge hole to climb out of.

26. Buffalo Bills (30)

Disgusting game, but Buffalo needs to be careful. Win to many of these trash games, they fall out of a high draft pick that they desperately need.

25. Houston Texans (26)

Thanks to the overtime heroics of wideout DeAndre Hopkins and a game-winning field goal, the Texans are 2-3 and just a game out of first place in the AFC South. It’s a remarkable turnaround for a team that looked better on paper than its September record. The schedule looks favorable for the Texans coming up, lets not be shocked if the Texans are in first place in a month.

24. Dallas Cowboys (18)

Been saying it all season, this team just isn’t that good. They HAD to win games like this against Houston and even though it went to OT, there was just a feeling the Texans would win. Lets not be surprised if the Jason Garrett era is over sooner rather than later.

23. New York Jets (31)

When this team wins, they win big and with style. This is going to be a rocky season for New York, but a rout of Denver gives these guys a lot to look forward to. They’ve at least proved if Darnold is consistent they can play with anyone in the league.

22. Denver Broncos (15)

Case Keenum isn’t the answer, but I don’t think Denver expected him to be. Start targeting a qb for the next draft, because this team seems one Jared Goff/Patrick Mahomes away from a playoff run. The problem with that, is the defense is getting old, so it needs to be quick.

21. Detroit Lions (23)

Miami is on the rocks, so a .500 Lions team could be a possibility. They have beat the Patriots and Packers, who would would have thought that and if they did think that, then who would have predicted they lost all their other games. Detroit still has hope and big wins to build off of, the season’s far from over for the Lions

20. Seattle Seahawks (20)

It can be argued that Sunday’s home loss to the undefeated Rams was actually a step forward for the team. The Seahawks gave the Rams all they could handle, and it looks like Seattle has found an offensive identity as a smashmouth, power-running team. Lets not forget though, the defense was this teams life blood, now its giving up almost 500 yards to the Rams. They will stay put at 20 until we see more from them.

19. Miami Dolphins (14)

The 3-0 start is falling apart, plus they have Chicago next week. A massive collapse is on the horizon, and the Dolphins have a long way to go to proving us wrong. They will only be favored in, maybe, 4 more games this year. After how the Jets looked this week, they  may only be favored in 2.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16)

Tampa was on a Bye week, they really only dropped because of Pittsburgh and Cleveland deserving some credit for their wins. Should be interesting to see how this team plays with Jameis back full time.

17.Philadelphia Eagles (11)

Don’t these guys remember they won the Super Bowl last year? They have to be so pumped their division is trash right now, because they still have a legit chance at the playoffs. Still plenty of time to get on the correct path.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (21)

The Steelers proved that their slump could merely a fluke, and exposed Atlanta as being a fraud. I said this before but the key to victory is Conner, he was an animal, because they actually gave him the ball. This team lives and dies on Big Ben, but he has to have some sort of running game to help.

15. Cleveland Browns (24)

For a team that could be 5-0, this isn’t a terrible place to be. This team has a very realistic chance of making the playoffs, but on the other hand have to play Cincy twice then Carolina and KC once. There’s also another match-up with Pittsburgh, which should be electric.

14. Tennessee Titans (7)

This team magically still leads the division, but an we get a read on this team? They have a tough stretch of schedule coming up so they better remember how to score a touchdown. That’s 2 games this season without a touchdown, turning the ball over doesn’t help either.

13. Green Bay Packers (13)

Week 5 had some weird moments, but Green Bay getting dumped on by the Lions may be the biggest surprise. Crosby is an easy scapegoat for all his misses, but the defense looked bad here. Kerryon Johnson looked like a stud against the Pack’s D, and maybe he is going to be a stud, but this defense gave up a big lead early and the team couldn’t recover. If you really want to break it down, then if Crosby makes all of his kicks the Packers win, but this team is good enough it should have never got to that point.

12. LA Chargers (17)

This team just beats who they are supposed to, it isn’t pretty, but they are the closest thing in the West to competition to the Chiefs. It will be very interesting next week against Cleveland, these teams are very even at this point.

11. Washington Redskins (9)

Ok, they got destroyed by the Saints after a bye week. I’m not as up on this team as I once was, but they still lead the division. More time will tell if this blowout was the real Washington team or if the Saints are just that good.

10. Minnesota Vikings (19)

The Vikings looked dead, but they proved they are giving up. They have zero run game, that needs to be fixed, but they still have a good defense and Cousins can sling the rock. All is not lost in Minnesota, they just have to adapt and overcome. This is where they want to be, back under the radar, now when no one notices they rack up 6-7 straight wins.

9. Baltimore Ravens (6)

This team is so hard to figure out, they hang up 47 then this last week they put up 9. The schedule moving forward is favorable, only a few games they wont be favored to win. Then again, as we saw this week, no team is safe from a lose.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (3)

If Jacksonville couldn’t stop KC’s offense then who can? They drop because of how bad the offense looked, they made a mediocre Chiefs defense look like world beaters. This teams good and needs to adjust, because they can easily win out the rest of their games. They could also take this loss to hard and stumble for the next few weeks.

7. Carolina Panthers (8)

Carolina’s schedule tightens up from here. Of the team’s next five games, just one is against a team that presently has a losing record. If the Panthers want to keep pace with the Saints, they need to tighten things up as well. They shouldn’t need a walk off kick against the Giants, so we will see where things go from here.

6. New Orleans Saints (12)

The Saints played their most complete game of the season in blasting Washington in Week 5. With Mark Ingram back from suspension and rookie Tre’Quan Smith emerging as a complementary deep threat, the offense might be even scarier than we thought. Brees will get some time to enjoy his achievement, as the Saints are headed into the bye. I apologize for ever putting this team out of the top 10, if the leagues new all-time leading passer keeps this up then no ones stopping these guys.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (5)

This team once again proved it deserves to be top 5, but I don’t think they are at the status of the teams ahead of them. The season has a ways to go, but the Bengals confidence has to be sky high, that exactly what you need to get through the grind of a season. They play in a tough division so this wont be easy, but right now they look to be the most complete team in the AFC North.

4. Chicago Bears (4)

The Bears have BYE week so no reason to move them in the rankings, they are a top 5 team right now.

3. New England Patriots (10)

A so-so New England defense will be tested in a big way against the Kansas City Chiefs next week, but for now, it appears the Patriots are back on track after their September stumble. They may not have as good a record as a few teams below them, but the Pats are the Pats. This next week matchup is shaping up to be epic. Can the defense stop Mahomes? Can the offense score enough to keep up?

2. KC Chiefs (2)

Everyone thought this was a battle of best defense vs best offense, well it turned out to be the best offense also playing really good defense. KC exposed Jacksonville and simply picked apart Bortles. You would have to think that having Fournette would have been a game changer, but he wasn’t there and the Chiefs forced Bortles to make the plays. If the defense plays even half this good going forward, there’s really no stopping them.


1. LA Rams (1)

Even the best teams get tested and that happened to the Rams. They passed that test with flying colors, a tough road environment, the first game outside of the state of California and injuries to a few key players. The schedule stays relatively easy for a few weeks as well, LA just has to keep their eye on the prize.


Week 4 Power Rankings

32. Arizona Cardinals (31)

Rosen played waaaaayyyy better than Bradford, that’s the only real takeaway here. This team is eyeing their first overall pick, time to start scouting.

31. New York Jets (26)

The real Sam Darnold is starting to shine through, he’s just not accurate. They had one big game against Detroit, other than that this team is lost. It would help Darnold from forcing passes if he had a running back **cough cough** Le’veon Bell.

30. Buffalo Bills (25)

I really thought this team would turn things around after the Minnesota game….nope they’re still bad. Its still extremely possible this team ends up with the worst record in the league. They couldn’t even gain 200 total yards.

29. Oakland Raiders (32)

Well Well, they won, but it seemed clear the refs botched a key play that would have sealed it for Cleveland. This isn’t great, but at least it’s still a win. Gruden has a long journey and I’ll continue to say his tenure won’t last long. The bonus is that the Raiders have an easy stretch of schedule, so a season turn around could legit happen here.

28. New York Giants (23)

The Giants can’t seem to put a full 60-minute effort together. If the offense is playing well, the defense falls apart. When the defense holds, the offense sputters. The notion of a quick return to contention under Pat Shurmur has gone from possible to unlikely to you have to be kidding. The notion of another top-five draft slot, however, is another story.

27. San Francisco 49ers (22)

The 49ers tried as had as they could to win Sunday, but moral victories dont count. Plus they should really just be playing for a high draft pick at this point, Jimmy G is out, don’t get fancy and end up with a mid round pick.

26. Houston Texans (30)

They picked up a hard fought over time win, but how much does it really mean. With the win, Houston climbed out of the cellar in the division. But given how the team has played over the season’s first month, it’s hard to imagine these Texans can challenge the Jaguars (or even the Titans) in the AFC South.

25. Indianapolis Colts (24)

Another team that should be going all in on Lev Bell, they managed 43 yards on the ground. I’m dead serious in saying a solid running game would have this team at 3-1…at least. They stay ahead of Houston in the rankings purely because they have more potential to be better, but damn they have to protect Luck.

24. Cleveland Browns (17)

Poor Cleveland, one or 2 calls their way and a good kicker this team is 4-0, but some blame must be on them. Great teams dont lose this way, and blowing that lead Sunday didn’t help. Baker has that it factor, but he has to learn to close out games. At this point it seems to be all mental with the Dawg Pound.

23. Detroit Lions (29)

They go from a crazy win against New England, to barely losing to Dallas, but barely losing to Dallas isn’t a positive. This was a game they should have won, but they let one of the leagues worst offenses drive the ball for a winning field goal. This team is such a mystery, only they know how good they are.

22. Atlanta Falcons (21)

This team has issues, they have lost to 3 very good teams, but they are also supposed to be a very good team. The defense can’t make stops when it matters and the offense just has to sit back and watch them implode. They’re the best 1-3 team but that doesn’t mean shit, cause you’re still 1-3.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (15)

This team has to look around and realize they need to figure stuff out. They made Baltimore look like an offensive juggernaut. James Conner has to get more touches, because simply fact…when he doesn’t they lose. Next week they play the Falcons in what some people thought could have been a Super bowl match-up, now its just 2 teams trying to find their way.

20. Seattle Seahawks (27)

Seattle got the win they needed, but they trailed the leagues worst team for a while. This seems like a Seahawk thing to do, string together gross wins and find themselves in the mix of things come seasons end, although I’m not sold on that.

19. Minnesota Vikings (14)

There’s no shame in their lose this week, but many would have predicted the Vikings be 3-1 at this point. They were Super Bowl contenders and favorites by many. Its not time to panic but its time to man up and win some games.

18. Dallas Cowboys (28)

Ugh I hate moving this team up, because their 2-2 record seems like a shame, but they are winning. The game was a blueprint for success for this Cowboys team: Bang away on the ground and use that to set up play action. It was also a desperately needed win for a Cowboys team that was in danger of having the season get away from them early. But they must remember this was a close win against a weak team, they need to keep their heads down and keep finding ways to win.

17. LA Chargers (20)

They barley beat a weak 49ers, that’s not great. This team plays down to weak opponents and it probably doesn’t help they barely have any of their own fans at home games. It should be very interesting to see the Black Hole invade LA next week, because lets be real, the Raiders will always be more LA’s team than the Chargers.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10)

Bye Fitz-Magic, it was fun while it lasted, but is Jameis coming back going to be any better? I originally thought so, but I’m starting to second guess myself. This team is in a good place to have their starter come back, the season starts now in Tampa.

15. Denver Broncos (16)

They got Mahome’d, but that shouldn’t be an excuse, this was a game Denver should have won. This may be the most average team in the league, they’re not great but they aren’t getting a top 10 draft pick either. The young running backs show tons of promise though.

14. Miami Dolphins (4)

Welcome back to earth Miami, but did anyone expect them to win in Foxborough? This team just has to buck up and keep winning. 3-1 is a great place to be in, a lose to the Patriots, shouldn’t throw them off their rails.

13. Green Bay Packers (12)

Frankly, there’s not a ton that can be taken away from this win—other than that the Vikings have bigger problems than we thought if they lost at home in blowout fashion to this marshmallow of a Bills team. They drop one spot in the rankings, because of how good New Orleans is starting to look. This team is still among the leagues best.

12. New Orleans Saints (13)

Alvin Kamara gives this team a needed edge, Brees didn’t play great but he didn’t have too and he must feel relieved. When Brees looks human Kamara drove the bus, and he did just fine with that responsibility. That’s a great sign moving forward, because this team looks to be really hitting their stride now.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (3)

Against a Titans team that came into the game averaging 162 passing yards a game, the Eagles made Marcus Mariota look like Joe Montana. Mariota burned the Eagles for 344 yards and two scores.  This team hopefully got a reality check and turns it around, because the defending champs may not even make the playoffs…yea I said it.

10. New England Patriots (18)

THEY’RE BACK…maybe. I guess until this team is officially knocked out of playoff contention or something wild like that, then they just have to stay in the top 10. Brady rebounds like no one we have ever sen, once you say they’re out they dominate a 3-0 Dolphins team.


9. Washington Redskins (9)

They had a BYE week, why move them. They get the Saints and Panthers in back to back weeks, its put up or shut up in Washington.


8. Carolina Panthers (8)

Same as the Redskins, not much to go on in the bye week. Hopefully this took time to find Newton a new target now that Olsen is hurt, he just needs to get on the same page as another big man.


7. Tennessee Titans (19)

Hopefully having Mariota back full time will give these guys the jolt they needed, Gabbert kept their record respectable with some gritty wins, but this OT win against the Eagles could be season defining. If we see this team rolling into the playoffs we could look back and see Mariota’s final drive as the moment that set the team lose.

6. Baltimore Ravens (7)

This team is just going to keep grinding out wins, the veterans must know the windows closing fast. This is exactly the way the team played when they won the Super Bowl in 2012 That was a few years ago now, but it worked then, it could work again.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (11)

It’s about time we take this team seriously, at least for now. They’ve done enough to look legitimate, every team slips up and it may be early but the lose to Carolina just looks to be a small bump in the road. Should be very interesting to see where the season goes from here.


4. Chicago Bears (6)

Mitch Trubisky isn’t going to be like this every week, but if they Bears get half of that then they should be considered legit Super Bowl Contenders. As long as he doesn’t make mistakes and throws in the occasional huge play then this team is flirting with something special.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars (5)

Every week but last, this team looked like the best in the AFC. This week they were back to form, hopefully they get Fournette back soon, especially before they play Kansas City. Bortles looks like the quarterback the Jags always hoped he would be, if that trend continues there may be no stopping Jacksonville.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Patrick Mahomes had his first real test and he got an A+. The defense isn’t good but they are the leagues best on 3rd downs, if your’re going to have anything at least there’s that. They got stops when needed and Mahomes & the boys did the rest. They get the Jaguars and Patriots back to back, if they somehow come out of this undefeated, not much else can stop them.


1. LA Rams (1)

Like there was any question. The Los Angeles Rams made an emphatic statement Thursday night in a game that we viewed as a potential NFC Championship Game preview before the season. In cruising past the Minnesota Vikings at home, the Rams said to the rest of the NFL, “We are the team to beat.” The “greatest show on turf” would be proud.



Week 3 Power Rankings

The NFL is a wild world, any team can win on any given Sunday. This week was just more proof of that. It was a huge wake up call for some of the leagues Super Bowl favorites. (Last Weeks Rankings)

32. Las Vegas  Oakland Raiders (28)

Gruden isnt made for this day and ages NFL. This team is absolutely lifeless, that’s what happens when you rip out someones heart (Mack). This team just isn’t any good, they might steal a win or 2 this year, but lets not get too crazy.

31. Arizona Cardinals (31)

Rosen looks to be the starter moving forward, thats the most positive thing that could happen. The Cards are bottom feeders, they could have won that game against Chicago, but thats how bad they really are.

30. Houston Texans (27)

Seriously, this team was supposed to be good, right? This could have been a turning point win for Houston, but instead lost to an average Giants team. This is the best of the no-win teams, but that still means they suck.

29. Detroit Lions (30)

Really didn’t see this coming, but the Lions beat the Patriots. They are going to have to do way more than this win to prove me wrong. String together more wins and we’ll see them move up the list.

28. Dallas Cowboys (18)

Dak just isn’t that good, I’m saying it here, he wont be a starting qb in this league within the next couple years. His short comings were masked by a top offensive line, now that line is banged up, Dak is exposed. I bumped this team up last week for their gritty win, but they got knocked back down a peg losing to Seattle.

27. Seattle Seahawks (26)

The Seahawks lost a spot in the rankings but won? Yea because they beat the Cowboys, who are a dumpster fire. If the Seahawks would have lost they would have been right there with the Cardinals and Raiders, but for now they’ve stopped the bleeding. One win against a worse team means nothing right now.

26. New York Jets (25)

Sam Darnold has turnover issues, that was a criticism during the draft, that problem has not been fixed. Cleveland is just a better team (yea, i said it) so losing here shouldn’t have been a surprise. Darnold needs to work on the turnovers and the Jets could easily end up in the 8-8 range, but he continues this trend they may only win 3 games.

25. Buffalo Bills (32)

THEY WON! No thanks to Nathan Peterman being trash, Josh Allen really stepped up here. The Bills took a large jump because they clicked on all cylinders and beat a very good team. What a difference a week can make. They thought they were playing in Wisconsin, but they actually play the team from Wisconsin next week. Green Bay will show us real quick if this weeks win was a fluke.


24. Indianapolis Colts (22)

Andrew Luck just isn’t all there, they could so easily be 3-0, but instead they are a mess. The offense can even get over 300 yards, but the defense is holding opponents to a respectable amount of points each game the last 2 games, so that’s a positive if Luck can figure it out.

23. New York Giants (29)

The Giants finally won, shouldn’t have but they did. Barkley showed off his brilliance and Eli had his best game. The offensive line is trash, so the next 4 weeks against 2017 playoff teams should be real interesting to watch.

22. San Francisco 49ers (19)

The Chiefs blew up the 9ers, they attempted a comeback in the 2nd half, but it was too much. They look to have lost Jimmy G for the year, because he wasn’t smart enough to go out of bounds. It doesn’t look good for these guys, wouldn’t be surprised if they went out and got a qb just to salvage the season since its still early. Is it worth it though, with the way the defense is playing? Maybe go after Fitz-Magic, once Jameis is back, doubtful but it sounds fun.

21. Atlanta Falcons (12)

The Falcons are in real trouble, injuries have made this defense one of the leagues worst. Matt Ryan and Julio will win them games, but as this week proved, its not always going to be enough.

20. Los Angeles Chargers (15)

The best thing the Chargers can look forward to, is that their schedule softens up a bit. They have already played the leagues best 2 team in 3 weeks, but remember when everyone said the Chargers were supposed to be that good too? I remember and I wont forget. I judge this team harder just for that reason.

19. Tennessee Titans (21)

How did this team win? Wow. Give this team some credit, they are grinding out wins without Mariota. If Mariota comes back firing then this team can make the playoffs, but the defense also has to keep up this pace. Things are very shaky in Nashville, after 3 weeks there’s no telling where this team will end up, its in their hands.

18. New England Patriots (6)

Is New England actually not that good? I’m not buying that yet, but they’re getting dropped big in the rankings until they figure it out. We can’t just have the Pats in the top 10 because of the past. New England host the undefeated Dolphins next week, a lot of questions will be answered.

17. Cleveland Browns (24)

I purposely put Cleveland right ahead of New England, they do have a better record, so back off. Mayfield’s debut was the thing of legends, so making him the starter is a no-brainer. He was extremely efficient and made all the right reads, and remember the Browns could easily be 3-0 right now. This team can be dangerous if they get the winning mindset, I think Baker brings that.

16. Denver Broncos (11)

The luck ran out Sunday in Baltimore. Partly, Sunday’s 13-point loss was the fault of quarterback Case Keenum, who threw a devastating interception late. It was Keenum’s fifth pick of the year, and he’s thrown at least one in all three games. But it wasn’t Keenum’s fault the Broncos committed 13 penalties that cost Denver 120 yards. Keenum doesn’t look like the answer at quarterback, but ill hold my tongue until we get later in the season.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (16)

Pittsburgh tried to give this game away, but barely held on. Big Ben put on a passing clinic and James Conner made plays when he had to. The NFL’s most penalized team piled up 13 more for 155 yards. A defense that has struggled late in games did so again. And kicker Chris Boswell missed multiple kicks for the second time in three games—including an extra point. The fact that Boswell is one of the best kickers in the league and is struggling like he is, just makes you think that things aren’t right with that entire team. Time will tell.

14. Minnesota Vikings (2)

This team bought too much into their own hype, so I’m putting them in their place, until they become the team they’re supposed to be. It was a disaster. It was embarrassing. And it raised a whole bunch of questions about just how good these Vikings really are. The Bills could have woke a beast or they could have exposed a fraud.

13. New Orleans Saints (17)

This is team is solid, Brees and company help make up for a bad defense, but im not sold on them being top 10 yet. The defense is so bad, they can lose to any team at any time.

12. Green Bay Packers (8)

Rodgers is banged up and obviously still in pain, its surprising they’re even letting him play. Luckily, the schedule over the next few weeks is sof, a home date with Buffalo, a trip to Detroit and a visit from the 49ers. After that comes the bye and then a trip to L.A. to play the big bad Rams. They will need that bye week, but have to survive until then.

11. Cincinnati Bengals  (7)

Sunday marked the first of four games in five weeks for the Bengals against playoff teams from last year. The first test of just how good these Bengals are. A.J. Green’s injury is the real key here, they have a tough stretch, so missing him will be huge. The Bengals are off to a good start, they lost to a good Carolina team, but Dalton can’t throw 4 interceptions. If that trend continues, mixed with Green’s injury, the Bengals may continue to fall.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3)

This team deserves to be in the top 10 still, they lost and Fitz-magic fizzled a little, but they adjusted and almost pulled off the comeback. It should be real interesting to see how the team reacts when Jameis gets back, it could either propel the team or crash them. They cant worry about that now, because they play a very good Bears team next week.

9. Washington Redskins (23)

I’m starting to come around on Washington, when Adrian Peterson is on, this team is one of the leagues best. This is exactly where Washington wants to be going into a bye, because they get Nola and Carolina back to back. If this team is really that dependent on Peterson it may not be a good sign, but we will see how they adjust with a week off.

8. Carolina Panthers (13)

This is the best team in the NFC South, that’s just my opinion, but I like my opinion. They play their own brand of football and with McCaffery, they’re even more dangerous. What sets the Panthers apart from the rest of the South is their defense, its the key to them winning the division. The way the offense runs the ball and grinds down the clock, it gives the defense plenty of time to plot their next move.

7. Baltimore Ravens (14)

This team can easily make the playoffs, it won’t be exciting but they can. The proved they can win games even when everything’s not clicking. With how questionable their division is, Flacco & Co can make waves, then before you know it end up with 12 wins. I bumped Baltimore up solely on the fact that they were down and showed they wouldn’t give up.

6. Chicago Bears (20)

I never thought they would be a top 10 team, which is why i had them at 20 last week, but they earned it…kinda. They are ranked here because of their defense and on the assumption Mitchell Trubisky can do just enough to win games. This team has a tough road in a tough division but a defense this solid, with Mack at the helm, the sky is the limit for these guys.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (4)

A top 5 team that couldn’t even score a touchdown last week?! It’s hard to believe the Jaguars who blasted the Patriots are the same team that managed just six points in Week 3 against a mediocre Tennessee Titans squad. After throwing for well over 350 yards and four touchdowns last week, Blake Bortles had just 155 passing yards against the Titans. Jacksonville had just 232 yards of total offense as a team. But guess what? The defense didn’t falter, same as the Bears, until the defense falls apart this is a really good team. We cant take them seriously as Super Bowl contenders but we can take them seriously as a threat to any team in the league.


4. Miami Dolphins (10)

You might not think they’re that good but they haven’t lost yet. If this was college football, this is exactly where the Dolphins would be ranked. The last time the Dolphins started 3-0 (2013) Miami proceeded to lose four in a row, finishing 8-8 and out of the postseason. But 3-0 is 3-0…and after coming back to down the Raiders at home in Week 3, the Dolphins are in a position that has historically produced many more playoff trips than not.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5)

Carson Wentz is back…and he struggled, but this team proved it can win when it’s not 100%. Injuries on offense (Ajayi, Jeffey) hurt Carson, so did the turnovers, but the guy just got back from a serious injury. When this team is healthy they will be looking at a winning record, not having to climb out of a hole will be huge for this team. They’re dangerous and have no problem reminding teams they are defending champs.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

What an offensive juggernaut, Mahomes is the truth, hes proved that through 3 games. Will he cool down? Yes, but with all the weapons they have they’re still going to put up points. Eventually someone is going to light this defense up with so many points, that the offense can’t catch up. So far, that hasn’t happened, next Monday is a big rivalry game versus Denver.


1. Los Angeles Rams (1)

Super Team? Maybe not, but they are about as close as it gets. Losing Marcus Peters wont help, but this team should be able to withstand for a few weeks until hes back. The Rams haven’t had a tough schedule yet, so next week vs the Vikings should give us a real report on how good this team really is. 1038899262.jpg.0.jpg

Top 10 Best Teams of the 90’s

10.  Atlanta Braves

95′ World Series Champs

Lost in World Series 91, 92, 96, 99

This team made it to 5 world series in the 90’s, too bad they only won once. They had one of the best rotations in history and destroyed during the regular season. They were a great team, but likely will be remembered for only winning once out of 5 attempts.


9. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Champs 92, 93

The Jays went back to back in their only world Series appearances. Lead by dominate offenses in both wins, the Jays were lead by Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. Those two were the main stays in each win. The 93 team was easily the more domiante of the 2 rolling out a line that featured Devon White, Alomar, Paul Molitor, Carter and John Olerud, batting first through fifth for the Jays most games, Rickey Henderson joined the Jays on July 31st and was placed second in the batting order. That’s 6 all-stars all in row, opposing pitchers didn’t stand a chance.


8. Houston Rockets

NBA Champs 94, 95

The Rockets were the only other team, not named the Bulls, to win multiple titles in the 90’s. Rudy Tomjanovich played his entire career for the Rockets, and was a natural choice to become their new head coach after 9 years of being an assistant. Hakeem Olajuwon was in the pinnacle of his career when the Rockets won their championships, we was named finals MVP in both series. Hakeem won the 94 title almost single handly, but in 95 the Rockets struggled, so they made a huge trade for Hakeem’s former college teammate Clyde Drexler. Clyde propelled the Rockets threw the playoffs and Hakeem outplayed a young Shaquille Oneal to clinch his second finals MVP.


7. San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl winners 94

This team only won once in the 90s but gets a bump for continuing their dynasty after 4 titles in the 80’s. The 49ers made the playoffs 8 of 10 years during the decade, and extremely impressive feet on its own. The 49ers also get a bump over teams who have won multiple championships because of how dominate they won, they beat the Chargers 49-26. This was Steve Young’s only championship as a starter, but the Hall of Famer made it count winning MVP.


6. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl Champs 97, 98

During the 97′ season, John Elway and  Terrell Davis helped guide the Broncos to their first Super Bowl victory, a 31–24 win over the defending champion Green Bay Packers. Davis rushed for 157 yards and a Super Bowl–record three touchdowns to earn the Super Bowl MVP—this while overcoming a severe migraine headache that caused him blurred vision. The Broncos repeated as Super Bowl champions the following season, defeating the Atlanta Falcons (led by Elway’s longtime head coach Dan Reeves), 34–19. Elway was named Super Bowl MVP.


5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Stanley Cup Champs 91, 92

Mario Lemieux couldn’t carry the Penguins by himself so before the 91 season Pittsburgh loaded up in an effort to support their star. Free agent signings (Bryan Trottier) and trades (Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy, Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson) played a major part of this. Arguably no move was bigger during this time than when the Penguins drafted Jaromir Jagr with the fifth overall pick in the 1990 NHL Draft.  The following season, the team lost coach Bob Johnson to cancer, and Scotty Bowman took over as coach. Under Bowman, they swept the Chicago Blackhawks to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Its a real wonder how many more Pittsburgh could have won if Mario hadn’t been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma the next season. Lemieux had success after returning from cancer, but the Penguins just couldn’t get back to where they were, despite making the playoffs 5 more years in a row.


4. Detroit Redwings

Stanley Cup Champs 96, 97

Yes, the Wings and Penguins both won 2 cups in the 90’s but the Wings get the better spot because of their unreal regular seasons. The Red Wings also appeared in 3 cups, losing in 94′. Its hard to believe that before Detroit won in 96, they had the leagues longest title drought. The teams were full of Hall of Famers, and the teams success continued into the 2000’s winning twice.


3. Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl Champs 92, 93, 95

Despite numerous internal issues the Cowboys were simply too good to fail, at least they thought. If Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson could have co existed, there has to be some wonder as to how many more titles they could have won. The team was filled with Hall of Fame players and the Cowboys earned the nickname “America’s Team”.  Winning that many titles in that span is extremely difficult to do and has only been done by the Patriots of the 00’s.



2. Chicago Bulls

NBA Champs 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98

The Bulls won 6 championships during the 90’s, shouldn’t they be the #1 team? Actually, Michael Jordan won 6 championships, when he retired to play baseball, the Bulls didn’t do anything in the playoffs. So they are #2 because their success all hinged on one player. Pippen, Rodman, and Horace Grant all played parts at different times, but Jordan was the key.  Two different 3 peats, that’s extremely impressive, but it almost hurts their cause and makes the NBA look weak. Also hurting their ranking is that they aren’t the only dynasty in NBA history, there’s a lot actually, too many to be honest. Loses the league a lot of credibility that one team just dominates each era. In the 50s the Minneapolis Lakers won 5 titles, the 60’s the Boston Celtics 9, the 80’s Lakers won 5, the 90’s the bulls obviously won 6, the 00’s Lakers won 5 and Golden State has already won 3 in the 2010’s. So since the 50’s the 70’s are the only decade without a dynasty. So are the Bulls 6 championships really that impressive?


1. New York Yankees

World Series Champions 96, 98, 99

I don’t like the Yankees as much as the next guy, but they were really good in the 90s. The 98 Yankees are widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest teams in baseball history, compiling a then-AL record 114 regular season wins against just 48 losses and then sweeping the Padres in the 98 World Series. Their 125 combined regular and postseason wins is an MLB single-season record. Unlike the Bulls of the 90’s the Yankees had a lot of competition and easily could have been swapped on this list by the Braves who they played twice, the Blue Jays also won 2 titles during that time. The steroid era was the most competitive in baseball history, and the team featured numerous Hall of Fame players, among some of the greatest of all time, such a Derek Jeter and Mariano Riveria.